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Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010


    Hey everybody,

    let's make a little post about JESC (which was yesterday, 20th November) in Minsk.
    The show was fenomenal (NOT), we had loads of varieties, like:
    - A little screwed up Georgian Lady Gaga;
    - A bad Swedish copy of Russian Roulette;
    - A Dutch girl with bad teeth and an awful violin;
    - Two hot Belgian girls, failing to win;
    - A Moldovan Ali Baba;
    - A really arrogant Armenian guy singing about his mother;
    - A girl that would rock the stage for FYR Macedonia and didn't move at all;
    - Outsider Malta, failing to get into the top 10;
    - A Ukrainian girl, with a sore throat (which you could hear);
    - A Lithuanian guy singing that everything was 'Oki Doki', except his voice;
    - A Latvian girl, dancing. Unfortunately, she forgot to sing well;
    - A Russian duet, but what on earth were they doing;
    - Zzzzzzzz.... oh I am sorry, I was thinking about the Serbian song;
    - Awww the Belarussian guy was crying. Oh no, sorry, it was just singing.

    Well, that's about everything in the performances.
    We had a wonderful (NOT) interval act. it was our own, very famous Alexander Rybak, who 'sang' a few notes of his song 'Europe's Skies'.
    I must say I was surprised by the English that was used in our second interval act, also a real familiar guy to us: Koldun :)by:2007). I thought: Wow, his English has improved. Until I found out it was playback.
    We also had a little medley from all winning JESC song. I must say the Spanish winner (Isabel or something) looked... AWESOME, she was just: HOT.
    Damn, in this winners line-up, we also saw our Click Clack twat: Ralf Mackenbach.

    Then we moved on to our own Svante Stockselius, who awarded all participants with 12 points. Considering the rumors/news about Svante quiting the EBU, the hosts decided to give Svante 12 points too. How funny....

    And that brought us to the real shit. It was a close battle, and just like last year, FYR Macedonia had the chance to change the winner (they were the last voters) and they changed it.
    We saw these standings, with 2 countries having a shot for the victory, when FYR Macedonia started their votes:
    1: Russia - 118 points
    2: Armenia - 110 points

    So, when Russia got 5 points, they were sure to win.
    BUT Russia only got 1 point. The tension built. Was Armenia going to get 10 or 12 and take the victory?
    Yes, they were. FYR Macedonia did it just like last year: Giving 1 to the leader (last year: Armenia, this year: Russia) and giving 10 to the #2, who took over the lead (last year: Holland, this year: Armenia).

    Ralf Mackenbach wanted to give Vladimir Arumzanyan his trophy, but he wasn't paying attention at all.

    ANYWAY, this was JESC 2010. Maybe we'll see you in 2011. We can say that Sweden, Georgia, Russia and Belarus want to host in 2011. The Belgians are very optimistic, since they have already opened their Junior Eurosong subscription....
  2. Lilly.. Y U NO ALIEN?

    How much did it last until you found out it was playback :P

    How generous from Svante's side.

    Macedonia knows how to disspoint us sometimes, anyway I'm glad Armenia won :P

    Doesn't matter, I'll take the trophy instead of Vladimir LOL
  3. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

    I take it you didn't like a single song;D
  4. Entario Junior Member

    Wow, I disagree strongly with you Nick :P

    I thought this edition had quite a few nice songs (by JESC standards ;D)

    The show in itself was quite nice imho :)

    Winner (and runner up) was bullshit, but what can you do? :D

    That is almost true:P See my Belgium comment:P Those girls (well, just the blonde) HOT HOT HOT!

    LOL Lilly, about a minute I think? They made a close-up of his face, and it was just... not live!:P
  7. James ... and his things xD

    I have watched the festival too and I must admit I was a bit disappointed after the voting.
    Not because of Belgium not winning (because 7th is ok), but it's sad to see how a song like the Georgian one (Sorry, this was screaming and not singing) could reach such a high position. Maybe it's just me getting old lol.

    The songs I liked the most were Holland, Lithuania and Latvia. I voted twice: Holland and Latvia.

    BTW, honesty makes me thank Holland for the 12p to belgium. The Dutch voting kids seem to have better taste than the adults voting in the big esc.
  8. Dingo "Who's Online" page Fan#1

    "Those girls.. HOT HOT HOT" is NOT a comment I expected to see written about JESC..

    Haha dingo, that girl was about 14/15 yo:P and don't forget that I am 16yo!:P
    If one of the older ppl would say it, though....
  10. Lilly.. Y U NO ALIEN?

    Nah its not ur age , cause I dislike it too . The song was like " I wanna be an adult NOW". I'd rather see another ZZzZzZ from Georgia .
  11. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

    Without focusing on looks, Nick, did you like any song? :P
  12. NickEmpel BURGER AND FRIES

    Well, having listened to all the songs again (poor me) I must say, Serbia and Belgium were my faves. And ofc, Holland (how obvious)!
  13. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

    I thought Serbia was zzzzzzzzz to you :P

    Haha Holland, bias mode like James.

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