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Latvia 2018

  1. Genesis2703 Pointless

    The final of Supernova 2018 is this Saturday (along with many other NFs) and Latvia will be hoping to improve on their pretty poor result last year. The 8 finalists are as follows, listed in order of my preference (with their running order slot in [ ] for those interested):
    1. Laura Rizzotto - Funny Girl [7]
    2. MADARA - Esamiba [3]
    3. Markus Riva - This Time [8]
    4. Sudden Lights - Just Fine [1]
    5. Edgars Kreilis - Younger Days [6]
    6. Ritvars - Who's Counting [2]
    7. Liene Greifane - Walk the Talk [4]
    8. Lauris Valters - Lovers Bliss [5]
    Pleasantly surprised by this final lineup as there are only 3 songs I'd consider totally hopeless. I only put Laura above MADARA as Laura had a solid live performance while I felt MADARAs was slightly off, of course that could all change on Saturday. :D
  2. sokrates1988 I HATE EUROVISION


    My top 8:
    1. Laura Rizzotto
    2. Markus Riva
    3. Liene Greifane
    4. Sudden Lights
    5. Edgars Kreilis
    6. Madara
    7. Ritvars
    8. Lauris Valters
    Once more... I don't think I like any? Well, Laura Rizzotto was acceptable. But considering Madara seems to be the favourite, no idea what they're getting up to.
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  4. Anaconda I'm as sick as fuck.

    Pity they left Kris & Oz behind in the semifinal. Bottom of the list are Liene Greifane (awful), Edgars Kreilis (crap) and Madara (not my cup of tea). Lauris Valters is middle of the road, and Markus Riva a reasonable bop (if a bit Melfest). Ritvars and Sudden Lights are both really pleasant, and Laura Rizzotto quite interesting - I'd be quite alright with any of these latter three, really.

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