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Latvia 2020

  1. Ronini SHIT Taste Central

    :lv: Latvia :lv: will choose its entry for Rotterdam through Supernova again. This time around there was a field of 26 entries going into live auditions, where 9 acts were selected for the live show on Saturday, 8th February. The vote will be split between a professional jury and a public vote combining televote, internet and spotify stream scores to a total.

    Here are the entries:

    Seleste – Like Me : Jazz poppy number, Latvia usually has at least one of those in the line-up, and ended up sending “Funny Girl” a couple of years ago.

    DRIKSNA – Stay : The song, of the slowish, romantic variety, is alright, but his delivery pulls it down somewhat. His voice has an unpleasant whiny quality.

    Katrīna Bindere – I Will Break Your Heart : Fairly generic pop number, which gets a bit repetitive. While I am sure there are a number of people that will like it, I am not among them.

    Edgars Kreilis – Tridymite : atmospheric pop that some might describe as a snoozefest. It’s the type of song that I find difficult to describe and started to like while listening to it repeatedly to come up with something.

    Katrīna Dimanta – Heart Beats : Even jazzier, but with slight ethnic elements. She is definitely a confident and competent performer.

    Miks Dukurs – I’m Falling For You : a ballad by a guy with a guitar and a somewhat raspy-ish voice. Says it all really, also because there isn’t more to it than that.

    ANNNA – Polyester : electro pop with daft but catchy lyrics. The most “different” entry, and the most stageable.

    Bad Habits – Sail With You : Miks from above wishes his voice was this raspy. A soft rock ballad with anthemic touches.

    Samanta Tīna – Still Breathing : She has been in before a number of times with very similar entries. She does have a good voice but comes across as trying too much and fake. It doesn’t help that the song feels thrown together incongruously between catchy backing bits and jarring electronic beats. Aminata had her fingers in this, would you believe.

    The show will be on LTV at 7.25pm (WIM) on Saturday, 8th February and should be viewable here.
    Suffice it to say that Riga 2021 is rather unlikely, but some entries have the potential to add something to the event if they get polished a little more.
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  2. Anaconda I'm as sick as fuck.

    I didn't much like anything in this selection, I agree that ANNNA has the most staging potential and is the most attention-grabbing act of the lot, so probably their best shot.

    Seleste – Like Me - The words “tune” and ‘bucket” spring to mind :nope: Dreary, monotonous song
    DRIKSNA – Stay - I don’t mind this. I can live with his voice, albeit a bit nasal. It seems most countries try to discover their own Ed Sheeran and I think he’s this year’s Latvian effort :rolleyes: The lyrics were written by the same guy who wrote ‘I Stand’ for MPF Gabriela <<
    Katrīna Bindere – I Will Break Your Heart - Crikey, I don’t think so
    Edgars Kreilis – Tridymite - Not for me and did he need to sing about a mineral no one’s heard of? (Well maybe CTP will have heard of it.) If I need a dentist I’ll look him up though. Or maybe an ice cream man.
    Katrīna Dimanta – Heart Beats - I got to 14 seconds and gave up.
    Miks Dukurs – I’m Falling For You - I’m not sure. I started off thinking he sounded like he was making it up as he was going along. It’s a song that would probably be a F ROW if it was sung by a woman, but I think I might have liked it. Reminds me a bit of Conner Reeves.
    ANNNA – Polyester - This is catchy, and I suppose Latvia could do worse than stick a Dutch girl up for them in Rotterdam
    Bad Habits – Sail With You - Two songs for the price of one. I think I prefer the first one.
    Samanta Tīna – Still Breathing - Maybe if they let her go to Eurovision she’ll be happy and go away and leave us alone. Very shouty. I like her trousers though :D

    I don’t think we’ll be going to Riga in 2021.
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  4. James ... and his things xD

    The katrina bindere song is only slighly acceptable, the rest is crap.

    ANNA's song is the worst i can imagine them sending.

    All entries are crap. Pity they are in semi 2.
  5. Rua Haldor Lægreid Impersonator

    I had listened to these all previously and compiled a rather shoddy ranking system which I won't use now but:

    There is very little here that I would ever want to hear again. Seleste's song has potential but it's monotonous and badly sung, Polyester and Tridymite are ones I can remember the tune for but I wouldn't exactly say they're Eurovision ready - which, imo, leaves Samanta Tina who is a complete mess but I feel she's a competent enough performer who might just clinch the ticket. I think I oddly both hate it and like it for various reasons ranging from the laughs I can get from the live performance and the idea that she's gone through about four re-brands in the span of five years.

    (apologies for the epistle)
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  6. what a crap line up, its a shame latvia cant go back to their early years when they sent a good few crackers
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  7. Rua Haldor Lægreid Impersonator

    I hate it, wait, I like it? wait, no, I hate it. But, I kinda like it. No, no. Nevermind, I don't like it. Wait, actually..

    The literal definition of this gif:
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  8. :zzz: the snoozers are flying in now

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