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Lithuania 2012

  1. James ... and his things xD

    Lithuania decides today.

    These are the possible contenders for Engelbert Humperdinck in Baku:

    1. Beissoul - Why (It doesnt sound good in studio to me and live was even worse)

    2. The independent - Baby (Anette will probably like this)

    3. Multiks - Star ( I kinda like this, but probably too weak)

    4. Vytautas Matuzas - Take it back (Not my taste)

    5. Alive way - Amazed by you (The singer has a bit a strange voice, I am a fan)

    6. Katazina - Euforija (The lithuanian version of Loreens Euphoria)

    7. Monika - Happy (Silly lyrics, silly song)

    8. VIG Roses - Come back home

    9. Bekeso Vilkai - Letter by letter

    10. Donny Montell - Love is blind

    11. DAR - Home

    12. Simona Milinyte - One of a kind

  2. SuperRussian New Member

    Deffo the best song in Eurovison :heart::heart: :heart:
  3. Julio STRANGLES

  4. SuperRussian New Member

    But that's only your opinion

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