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LuLuLand 32

  1. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

    Back to English for us. I had already started on my Was Waere Wenn subtitling project when one day at school I was going through my music collection and listening to the letters that have the smallest number of singers. I stopped at this song and looked up the video and anyway blah blah my band is from New Zealand and one of the most played songs that year in Kiwiland. Even though I see they only charted in NZ, I think the Australians might know it or at least the band. It was their highest charting, but not best-selling (go figure) song.

    Act: band
    Vocalist: male
    Type: rockish, not the hard kind though :P
    Lyrics: Again with the "ifs" and "might"
  2. sevkot escChat.com's oldest member

    what a song picker you are luis, seriously :P
    good luck good luck =)

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