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Lys Assia for San Marino is it all in our head?

  1. Julio STRANGLES

    Today Lys Assia the first Eurovision winner, that failled to qualify on the Swiss National selection, posted the following on her Facebook page:


    The link is from a newspaper who is speculating about the representative of the country (San Marino), you can see the full article here: http://www.giornale.sm/eurovision-s...ienza-senit-e-monica-hill-23043/#.UOazaKy2W6o

    Will he really have the song ''All in Your Head'' in Malmo?


    Lys Assia('s team) has picked up on this fan based forum rumour in the past weeks. Besides the fact that I'm quite sure SMRTV has more sense in their mind after sending The Social Network Song, Lys Assia's promotion makes it hard to believe. Artists are always told to keep it quiet until the broadcaster allows them to put the news out there. Her constant retweeting and posting about this rumour make it really hard to believe for me.
    However, nothing is impossible...

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