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Malta 2018


    Next up is Malta. Sixteen entries fighting for the ticket. The Maltese used to have a big ballad contest, but after last year's failure, this year, it all smells like cheese.

    The sixteen:
    Early favourites... Well, Malta is a country of turns. So it's more a question of whose turn it is. This year, that seems to be between Eleanor and Brooke.
  2. Mina Member with a "past"

    I think Back To Life stands out.

    My top 16:
    1. Back To Life
    2. Song For Dad
    3. Heart of Gold
    4. First Time
    5. Dai Laga
    6. Taboo
    7. Love Renegade
    8. Turn It Up
    9. We Can Run
    10. Evolution
    11. Call 2morrow
    12. Supernovas
    13. Beyond Blue Horizons
    14. Breaking Point
    15. One Step At A Time
    16. Rocket
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  4. Anaconda I'm as sick as fuck.

    I was somewhat surprised - basically not a single old-fashioned screamy female ballad. It makes a change to more modern, fresher sounding songs, and there is quite a bit of diversity in the entries. I liked Matthew Anthony and Eleanor Cassar best, and I thought Aidan, Miriana Conta, Lawrence Gray and Deborah C were alright. I didn't mind Richard & Joe or Tiziana Calleja. I thought Danica Muscat was the worst. Brooke is overproduced and overhyped.

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