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Masiosare #26

  1. pepepaez Masiosare's first Head of Delegation.

    IVALICE, INSPIRELAND, August 11th (MASNews) - Corneille couldn't be able to repeat Reik's results for the most recent edition of the ESCchat Song Contest. Not only he didn't make it to the Final, but he got a second-last place with only 33 votes and was so close to get the "Toilet" Award, which is given to the song with the least votes from the Semifinal.

    "Thank you to all the people from Masiosare who supported my entry and I feel bad that I couldn't deliver a good place for them. Also I'd like to thank every other country that voted for my entry. Merci beaucoup du fond du coeur!", Corneille mentioned after returning to Chapulhuacanito for a brief interview. "It was so sad to see that the last qualified semifinalist wasn't us. But oh well, it's a music contest and now let's hope for a better placing for next edition".

    "We're already getting everything up and running for next edition", said Pepe Páez, Masiosare's Head of Delegation. "It's a shame that Corneille couldn't reach the Final. His song was so good i still listen to it!", he finalized.


    Once again, it's MasRTV's turn for selecting a song that represents Masiosare for the 26th. edition of the contest.

    "On this occasion, we've selected a singer who was a former member of an important music group some years ago. But as a special request to MasRTV, the singer decided to perform with another former member of the group as a duet in order to carry the Masiosarean flag", said Maurilia Jonguitud, President of MasRTV.

    In a special bulletin release, the broadcaster describes the song as "dance-pop, with modern sounds, a catchy chorus and a deep lyric that talks about tolerance, love, respect, peace and understanding". And as it's the rule of MasRTV, the song is in Spanish.


    Which was supposed to be the farewell for Mr. J.W., the Executive Supervisor of the ESCchat Song Contest, turned out to be a landslide record-breaking victory and hosting the contest one more time. This time, in his homeland.

    After an absence of 15 editions from the ESCchat Song Contest and only returning to say goodbye, Furnyland came back for the 25th. edition with the song "Salvami" performed by Sonohra; and took the victory with a landslide of 232 points. The previous record of most points was for Jamoukovia's "Allo Le Monde" performed by Pauline, with 164 points gathered. No one had ever received more than 200 points before.

    With such a record, Furnyland achieves its 4th victory in regular editions and assures, once again, for the contest to be held in the second city of Runkionia.

    Egelivia, Jamoukovia, San Minino, Custonia, host country Inspireland, Il Regno D'Italofilia, Balunistan, debuting country Nushland and Atlântico Norte conform the rest of the top 10 for this edition.
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  2. James ... and his things xD

    Wow. Your writing skills impress me. Nice summary of edition 25.

    Better luck for Masiosare next time!
  3. Shonni Member

    Sounds great, Buena Suerte :D :up:
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    a ver si a la tercera va la vencida :D
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  5. pepepaez Masiosare's first Head of Delegation.

    So, as the songs have been revealed, it's time to post the first translation I ever paste from my songs. Here's the English translation of Masiosare's song: "Libertad" (Freedom).

    SINGER: Forgive me father, for I have sinned.
    PRIEST: God's grace and forgiveness has no limits. Confess your sins and you'll be free.
    SINGER: That's the problem, Father: there's nothing else to confess. I'm tired of asking for forgiveness.

    El silencio se va, / The silence goes away,
    Junto a mí ya no está, / It's no longer next to me,
    El dolor se marchó, / The pain has already left,
    Y me alma es libre del temor. / And my soul is free from fear.

    Comprendí que si estoy aquí, / I understood that if I'm here
    Es porque yo así lo decidí, / it's because that's the way I decided,
    Conocer y reconocer, / Knowing and admitting,
    Que nada es perfecto, / that no one is perfect,
    Y el defecto es bello también. / And the defect is also beautiful.

    Libertad, libertad, / Freedom, freedom,
    No voy abandonar mis sueños. / I will not give up on my dreams.
    Libertad, libertad, / Freedom, freedom,
    Es tiempo de vivir sin miedo, / It's time to live without fear.

    Yo solo quiero libertad (x4) / I only want freedom (x4)

    Deja atrás el disfraz, / Leave behind the disguise,
    Quema ya el antifaz. / Burn the mask now.
    Tu destino es vivir, / Your destiny is to live,
    Y sentir dejando de fingir. / and to feel without pretending.

    Puedo amar, no hay oscuridad / I can love, there is no darkness
    Hay nuevos horizontes que buscar / There are new horizons to search for
    Hoy mi fe me hace creer, / Today my faith makes me believe
    Que tengo mil razones para tocar el cielo y gritar. / That I have 1000 reasons to touch the sky and scream.

    Libertad, libertad, / Freedom, freedom,
    No voy abandonar mis sueños. / I will not give up on my dreams.
    Libertad, libertad, / Freedom, freedom,
    Es tiempo de vivir sin miedo, / It's time to live without fear,

    Yo solo quiero libertad (x4) / I only want freedom (x4)

    Libertad / Freedom
    Yo solo quiero libertad / I only want freedom
    Yo solo quiero libertad / I only want freedom
    Yo solo quiero libertad / I only want freedom

    Libertad, yo vivo en libertad / Freedom, I live in freedom.
    No tengo que ocultar mi personalidad / I don't have to hide my personality,
    Libertad, yo vivo en libertad / Freedom, I live free
    No me voy a frenar / I will not stop
    Yo busco libertad / I search for freedom

    (Vive y sueña en libertad, / (Live and dream freely,
    Tú decides a quien amar, / You decide whom to love,
    Hoy tu voz no van a callar, / Today your voice will not be quiet,
    Grita fuerte, quiero escuchar). / Shout it out loudly, I want to hear).

    ... and some other things repeat.

    I hope you like it and vote for it! :up: (Nessie might CUM after the gay kiss in the video!) xD.
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  6. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

    Nessie's computer screen got pregnant after he saw the video :P
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  7. Lilly.. Y U NO ALIEN?

    Omg the song :o :o :o Nessie knows my opinion about it ofc.
  8. James ... and his things xD


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