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Masiosare #27

  1. pepepaez Masiosare's first Head of Delegation.



    RUNKIONIA, FURNYLAND, August 27th (MASNews) - After a decent debut with Reik and a second-to-last Semi-Final placing with Corneille, Christian Chávez and Anahí managed to take Masiosare up to 9th. place - the country's best placing since their debut.

    But not only they brought Masiosare its first Top10 placing. They also brought two more national records: the country's first automatic qualification to the Final and the first song surpassing 100 points.

    "We couldn't believe it at first! The whole voting process was quite exciting and exhausting at the same time for both of us!", says Christian Chávez. "Watching how Masiosare reached the first place and then fell some places, and then went back into the top again with every country's vote... it was a nerve-wrecking experience!".

    "Not only that, but we also managed to qualify Masiosare directly to the Final for the first time!", said Anahí. "And reaching the Top10 for the first time was simply amazing! I couldn't stop screaming backstage!".

    "It's an amazing job what Masiosare achieved in edition 26", said Pepe Páez, Head of Delegation for Masiosare. "We also reached 4th. place in the Semi-Final, which is the same place we achieved with Reik during the country's debut in the Semi-Final. And this time we also got more points: 130 compared to 118 with Reik".

    "Thank you to all the countries that voted for our song", Mr. Páez adds. "Thank you to Technika, Rusakatinova, Almatia, Sylvarova and Esterra for their top marks; and thank you Furnyland for being an excellent host yet again".

    Christian Chávez and Anahí will soon be promoting the song and offering some concerts. They'll be travelling to Esterra and Sylvarova, where the song has become a huge hit.


    As soon as one edition of the contest ends, preparations for the next one begin.

    And as agreed since the beginning of Masiosare's jorney inside the contest, now it's time for +Canal to choose the country's representative for the 27th. edition of the ESCchat Song Contest, which will take place in the city of Rabanastre - once again - in Inspireland.

    "This time, the selected song is not as pop-dance as we were sending lately", said Esther Morales, CEO of +Canal. "We've selected an independent Italian singer, whose career has begun not long ago. I believe the song could be classified as Pop with some synth sounds, it was released in 2008 and talks about 'any given day', accompanied by a classic guitar, a good beat, interesting sounds and an interesting video. I'm pretty sure it will do well in Rabanastre and, of course, the song is in Italian", reminded Mrs. Morales as a rule of +Canal to choose non-Spanish songs to send to the ESCchat Song Contest.


    With 143 points, Inspireland became the winner of the 26th. edition of the ESCchat Song Contest with "L'Applauso Del Cielo", performed by Lost. This is the second victory for the country, and will host the contest for the second time. With only 4 points behind, Sheepmark and Nawrocka tied with 139 points. However, the ESC Chat Song Contest rules establish that, as the "untie" criteria, the country who gets votes from more countries gets the contended spot. Being Nawrocka voted by more countries than Sheepmark (25 vs. 23), Nawrocka got the second place, leaving Sheepmark with the third position.

    Moofistan, Il Regno D'Italofilia, Empelia, San Minino, Villa Badia, and Technika, as well as Masiosare, conform the rest of the Top 10 and have an automatic qualification for the Final of the 27th. edition of the ESCchat Song Contest.
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  2. matthewbell32 Du kommer alltid vara nummer 1 för mig

    Excellent report as usual, pepe :D
  3. Estêvão Did you ever know that you're (JW) my hero

    It will be the Liberdade na Esterra 2011 tour, visiting all the major cities in Esterra: Campo Grande, Alvalade, Baixa, Chiado, Sete Colinhas, Cabo Ruivo, Laranjeiras, and many more!
  4. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

    You can only travel to one of those, the other's as good as nuked :P

    Pepe, you really need to get out more :P
  6. How much of a tour is it when they only have one song? :P
  7. pepepaez Masiosare's first Head of Delegation.

    What do you mean? :cautious:

    One quite-popular-in-Esterra song! :up: Plus, they both have CD's as solo artists, so they can deal with that! :P

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