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Miasnakan Debut #23

  1. MORKMINDY Weird Person :D

    Before we get to the promo, i would like to thank everyone who has welcomed Miasnakan country to the contest and good luck to all :up:!

    The Miasnakan Debut is the not very well known but is in some places, It is a alternative rock band that is from America. It has to be one of my personal favourites, and it is English song :D

    Again thank you to everyone who has welcomed Miasnakan. ^_^

  2. mrvirgo Active Member

    Good luck and also welcome to you:)
  3. pepepaez Masiosare's first Head of Delegation.

    May the good luck shine over the Miasnakan entry...
  4. Entario Junior Member

    A heartfelt welcome to Miasnakan from Tiralonia! :D
  5. Jorggito New Member

    Beeest of luck Miasnakan :) I am personally intrigued. :*!

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