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MinnEiginnRass edition 22#

  1. Hohoho!
    First I would like to thank everybody who voted for MinnEiginnRass in edition 21# and congratulate at the same time, all the great song in the top battler and especially the winner: Anette :D deserved congrats.

    MinnEiginnRass has been going through some rebelling time, going in a new direction. Or, should I say, old direction as we are going back to the 80's. Yes, that's right. I am sending something of which is probably older than most of you guys. (No offenses Anette ofc)

    The language.. argh I don't know. You won't be expecting it and that is for sure.

    I was going to send this in English first as I thought this was an English band with terrible accent but then as I was searching for this song and infos about it, I found out that this is NOT bad English, just another version of the amazing song this is.

    So, I hope you'll enjoy it and yeah I'll put the English version here as soon as the songs have been released.

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