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Moldova 2012

  1. James ... and his things xD

    Moldova will chose on march 11, as one of the last. Normally it would be march 10, but they decided to do it on the 11th.

    21 songs will compete :

    1. Ruslan Taranu - Blanche (Please protect your ears - this could make it to Luis's mess)

    2. Irina Tarasiuc & Mc Gootsa - Save a little sunshine

    3. Pasha Parfeni - Lautar (This reminds me of 'Ovo Je Balkan' a bit)

    4. Alexandru Manciu - If you leave (Eurotrash)

    5. Paralela 47 - Arde ( I don't like this but I can imagine some people do. Hlo Ljupco, Anette)

    6. Ksenya Nikora - You better rush ( No fan of this)

    7. Leria - A ray of sun (The high notes are a nightmare - Albania 2.0)

    8. Cristina Croitoru - Fight for love (sleeping pill)

    9. Mariana Mihaila - Live on forever (This was the internet wildcard)

    10. MC Mike & Human place - Mole (Haha, the English rap is hilarious)

    11. Nicoleta Gavrilita - Crazy little thing (This might be one of the better ones, but still)

    12. Geta Burlacu - Never ever stop (Hahahahaha this is incredible, she had to read the text from a paper)

    13. Adrian Ursu - Be yourself (OMG this is bad)

    14. Doinita Gherman - Welcome to Moldova (She obv watched to much to Belarus 2011)

    15. M Studio - Open your eyes

    16. Anna Gulko - Ballad of love

    17. Transbalkanica - Balkan Riders

    18. Dara - Open your eyes (Moldaglish)

    19. Univox - Moody numbers (Witloof bay 2.0)

    21. Inaya - Lights

    There was also a number 20, but Nelly Ciobanu withdrew, so the broadcaster will point someone else.

    If i see these songs, I dont think we will go to Moldova next year.
  2. Gian My avatar is fat and frumpy

    My top:
    12.Pasha Perfeni
    10.Mariana Mihalia
    8.Cristina Croitoriu
    7.Geta Burlacu ( i love her but the song isn't nice)
    6.Irina and McGootsa
    5.Doinita Gherman
    2.Ruslan Taranu

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