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My opinion about final results in esc 2013.

  1. Danicorvaz New Member

    1.:dk:: Overrated, but happy to see this winning instead of other songs! :)
    2. :az:: Overrated, but it had a very good performance. Anyway there were better songs, but this one is not so good to be 2nd (top 5 in my opinion).
    3. :ua:: Overrated, I don't have anything against the song, but it resulted so strange to me: it's weird to see a song like this in a contest like this: anyway, the song wasn't bad (even good and original) but I'd never have sent a song like this to esc.
    4.:no:: Should've be, at least, top three, Her voice is so nice, the song was something different and the performance was excelent! It was top 3 in the top of my family!
    5.:ru:: Underrated! The marks in my family were: father (9), mother (8,5), me (8,5). The best song this year! Love it!
    6.:gr: LOOOOOOOOOL Shouldn't have been in final. I expected a more serious and less childish song. It was the worst greek song ever in esc!
    7. :it:: Overrated: anyway, nice ballad but there were much better songs.
    8. :mt:: The performance was excelent and the song is very happy. Malta deserved a good place this year (and it got it) :)
    9. :nl:: Beautiful but quite boring. Overrated, It was about 20th in my top final 26. On the other hand, very good performance.
    10. :hu:: The worst song of the night: boring and it seemed the song wasn't going to end. Marks of my family: father (1), Mother (2), me (1).
    11.:md:: Another bad one, the english version was nice and it had very good rhythm and rimes (combinated). The moldovan version seems more, how to say? Untidy? I mean, the rimes were much worse than the english ones. I'd give it a 7 or 7,5 in english but only 3 in Romanian.
    12.:be:: This is the song that grew the most on me this year, the first version was very bad in my opinion, but: final version + very good performance = total success for Belgium in my opinion. Congrats! :)
    13.:ro:: Another LOL! How this ended in 13th position? All was bad: his voice, his performance, the song. They should have sent Tammy and her "Firebird"!
    14.:se:: Underrated, I think they should be about 10th. The song was good and the performance O.K =)
    15. :ge:: Underrated, It was very beautiful and so strong and emotional song. Their performance was so good. So glad to see them in 25th place! From my opinion, and I'm spanish, It was a much better "Quedate conmigo", I didn't like our song in 2012 but Pastora's voice always be incredible.
    16. :by:: LOL: Another song which shouldn't have gone to final. It was childish and repetitive: nothing special.
    17. :is:: Nice performance, not goog but not bad song but it was a little boring. Anyway, his voice is so nice.
    18. :am:: I didn't like it at first, but it grew a lot a few days before the contest: I think the beginning is very nice but the chorus is bad and the worst part of the song, that's the point when it gets boring. Marks in my family were: father (2), mother (3,5), me (6).
    19. :uk:: Underrated: The song was beautiful, it makes me smile when I hear it. Sad to see Bonnie Tyler so low! :(
    20.:ee:: One of the most beautiful songs (As a spanish I heard the spanish version and I loved it, her voice was so nice and th melody was very soft and relaxing. I enjoyed her performance a lot. Birgit deserved more than this!
    21.:de:: It was, in the beginning, my winner, but the performance was not so good =/ anyway, I'd have put it in top 5. So energic between so many ballads. Love that! ;)
    22.:lt:: Miles better than "Love is blind", which was my last place last year (in top 42). I can't understand how he finished so low =/ It's the unique song I liked from Lithuania.
    23.:fr:: Our neighbors were underrated too. Her song was something different too. Miles better than their 2012 entry!
    24.:fi:: Underrated. Krista gave us an excelent performance and the song was so funny and better lyrics than others. It could be repetitive, but anyway it was catchy between so many ballads. One of the most original songs I've seen this year in esc.
    25.:es:: Our song wasn't so bad to be 25th! But she didn't sing well, I recognise. Anyway, this song was much better than 2012 one.
    26.:ie:: That's unfair. How Jedward ended 8th with Lipstick (horrible song) and this ends so low!? The irish song this year was miles better than others I've already commented!

    That's just my opinion, If you want to post your opinion about this, I'll read it, Just respect my opinion, I can't change it and everybody is different. Good night from Galicia, Spain! ;)
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