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My song

  1. Mina Member with a "past"

    This time I'm sending a song that has won a Grammy award and it became famous as the soundtrack of one of the best movies I've ever seen. It's one movie that I always cry when I watch it and as if it's not enough that the story is so touching, there's another tragic story behind it.
    One of the main stars of the movie who dies in the end died for real 3 years after the movie was made and he was only 32. The video I've chosen for this song isn't the official video but a video dedicated to that actor.
    In a few words the lyrics of the song are about the hopeless lives of some people and they fit the movie to a T.

    PS If you haven't watched the movie, it's really worth watching it.
  2. This time The State of the Ark has chosen a non-Swedish song for a change. It's a rock ballad sung in English. The original version of the song by one of our most successful singers is probably better known to you. I hope you'll like it as much as I do. Great video too :P
  3. kotsios Call me Kots. Potter Kots

    First of all I want to say that I picked my song A MONTH AGO (Dave can confirm this)... I have my reasons for saying that.
    My song is an alternative rock song by a band from Scandinavia. The song is in English though. The song is about a break up and all those lies that the singer's partner used to tell. But the singer feels strong enough to move on without a partner. I love my song of course and I'm sure some of you love it too...
  4. Jackeroo The Big Unit

    Jacuvia are very pleased to take part in the ESCChat Song Contest for the first time.

    The Jacuvian song is a beautiful rock with violin song from a band who originate in Greater Manchester, England. The song is very happy and cheerful and will make you feel great!

    NNSTVR have decided to send a SWEDISH artist, although his ancestry is not European. He will be singing an acoustic cover of another song. I simply love this song, as well as the advert it is most commonly associated with.
  6. Estêvão Did you ever know that you're (JW) my hero

    Lusitânian entry in the 7th EscChat Song Conest

    TVL have chosen as their entry in the 7th EscChat Song Contest, a song with a "political" message. To further confuse people, the entry is also a rap song. While the style of the song may turn people off immediately, try to give the entry a chance and listen to the whole thing. The message the entry gives to the listener is very powerful.

    And for the record, I had this song in mind LONG ago, and just because you recognise the name of the main character, it does not imply anything about a certain individual with the same name. :cool:
  7. ollie2283 jedan sam čekao je ovdje!

    Fusionia have chosen their song - the second upbeat one of their contests history
    remeniscient to bulgaria 08 with some lovebug influence this song has an interesting *random* music video but i love it nonetheless
    this song reminds me of the wrotham music course in which was AMAZING - the good times in life
    ON READING THE MUSIC VIDEO UP ON WIKI ITS ABOUT CULTS!!!!! this song is just 100% me isnt it xD

  8. Arben The Flag Lover

    As Kots also said.... first of i want to say that i chose my song more than a month a go... All of u who voted in my language nf can confirm that.

    Ur first choice was Montenegrin then Hebrew then German and finally english..
    After the Hebrews turn last time its up to german lang to get this trophy...

    NOW this song is in very top of the german single charts...
    But then i found this pearl with 600 youtube clicks...
    Just have a look now LOOOL, but this just proofs my taste and i should be happy about it...
  9. Eurovizz Member


    Hexelbourg is back and attends two contests from now on :D My song is a Turkish uptempo song (surprise surprise:o) sung by a very famous and popular male musician. He is known for being a good composer and also for having a very feminine voice as a guy. This song came second in the previous Hexelbourgian national final in choosing two representatives for another contest (Festival of Freedom), and was thus not the actual chosen one to bring back the Hexelbourgian flag to the 7th edition of escchat.com contest. For privat reasons, the originally chosen representative who won the national final had to deny our tv broadcaster's approval in singing in both contests.
  10. Alex Identified Flying Object

    The Cosmos Entry

    Altho the official language of Cosmos is not swedish , the song is sung in swedish , and has a true swedish feeling;) It will surely remind u of many wellknown Melodifestivalen entries. It can make you dance as much as "Vagar du vagar jag" could. The girl singing has a girly style , very sweet and lovely. She dances no more than Sanna Nielsen , and her outfit has some..."Maria Storeng factor".
    One thing is for sure: this time Cosmos will be represented wonderfully(ofc) and Schlagerly:P:D
  11. I don't think you could have made this any more obvious :rolleyes: :D :P
  12. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

    My song's in Russian. It's a sad song about a former love. It starts out with just a piano then slowly more instruments are added. What better way to say "I Miss You" than with an electric guitar solo. So a rock-y ballad is what you get :D
  13. CTP Jass hater

    TV SKL has chosen a song that the head researcher discovered after he was looking up an former ESC contestant to see what they were up to. It's a heartfelt duet between a Portuguese band, and a fellow Portuguese artiste. Google seems to suggest this was a hit in Portugal, but I have no clue :o The song is in English.
  14. c1ask0 Napkin of death holder

    My song is by my favourite British group. It is very much a niche music style, meaning that it is not aimed at a huge number of people. However, I decided to enter it to find out just how many of you like it. I don't expect to do well this time, I just want to share my favourite music with you. :)
  15. ollie2283 jedan sam čekao je ovdje!

    just to say my votes have 2-3 surprises enjoy good luck and i hope u like propane nightmares !! * the song not an actual nightmare involving propane gas xD :P
  16. Mina Member with a "past"

    San Minino has voted. The 2 songs I gave my 10 and 12 points to I absolutely LOVE and I didn't know either one before.
    But in general this time I liked many songs and there were a couple that I'm sorry I couldn't vote for.
    Good luck to everyone :D
  17. Stewart SOD ME HARD AND FAST

    Well, as per usual, there is some right trashy entries. HOPEFULLY one of these will not win. I do like some songs though :P

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