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Pilot Edition - Pedro - Promo Song 2

  1. Pedro Member

  2. Pedro Member

    This is Brett Young. Hi Brett Young.
    Brett Young recently recorded a duo with Astrid S.
    All Astrid songs are in English though.
    BUT she did recently record a duo with Victor Leksell for the song Svag. There you go!

    By the way, the video is really cool! It was recorded in the border between Sweden and Norway. Victor stayed on the Swedish side (as he is Swedish) and Astrid on the Norwegian end (as she is Norwegian).

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  3. Ronini SHIT Taste Central

    Cute cellist <<
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  4. Anaconda I'm as sick as fuck.

    I thought that was a blury Justin Timberlake :D I like the idea of the video on the bridge across the border.
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