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  1. DenDutch Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, I just started this thread, so we can all give our opinion here and so you don't have to search on youtube every time (yes, I'll make a proper order later)

    :al: Albania

    :am: Armenia

    :at: Austria

    :az: Azerbaijan

    :by: Belarus

    :be: Belgium

    :dk: Denmark

    :ee: Estonia

    :fi: Finland

    :fr: France

    :ge: Georgia

    :de: Germany

    :gr: Greece

    :hu: Hungary

    :is: Iceland

    :ie: Ireland

    :il: Israel

    :it: Italy

    :lv: Latvia

    :lt: Lithuania

    :mk: Macedonia

    :mt: Malta

    :md: Moldova

    :me: Montenegro

    :no: Norway

    :pl: Poland

    :pt: Portugal

    :ro: Romania

    :ru: Russia

    :sm: San Marino

    :si: Slovenia

    :es: Spain

    :se: Sweden

    :ch: Switzerland

    :nl: Holland

    :ua: Ukraine

    :uk: United Kingdom
  2. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    :al:'s postcard was the height of recklessness. Flags change, Hersi, tattoos do not.
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  3. Zuñir This is Janet, not me

    I loved Portugal postcard, that was my fauvorite one without any pieco of doubt! Liked Sweden too :)

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