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Promo - Black Daisystan

  1. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    For the first time in ... a while, the BD entry isn't American. I've found out the original was by an English person, and the cover version is Australian. Originally it was a pop ballad however in the new version theres a bit of guitar, it sounds a tad country and all in all, it's shits all over the original.

    In conclusion, my entry is awesome ;)
  2. Liam Esterran.

    Ooh! Is the singer well known?
  3. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    I'm really not sure how well known she is to be honest. She hasn't done too badly not just in Australia but also internationally, however her career has kinda already fizzled out after one album so hmm ... not sure :P

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