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Ranarborg 30#

  1. Hello once again :)

    I want to thank you guys who voted for my explosive song last edition first of all :) And congratulations to Adam for well earned 1st place.

    Past two editions we here from MinnEiginnRass have been taking quite the risk that has not been paying off, or so it seems.

    So going back to the things we specialize ourselves in:

    The band is Icelandic but sings only in English, and I didn't know until recently that they were actually Icelandic :)

    The band itself started out with one guy who needed a place to play his drums. Two of his friend wanted to jam with him and soon they were 3.
    After a while, one other friend of theirs wanted to try his new awesome mixer, so one evening he showed up with all his technical stuff, excited, full with confidence, ready to rock.
    Few weeks later two other guys joined them and soon they were just a big group of friends who used this space to jam and drink beer before they went out partying. It was in one of these parties where they found their final link.

    The band was formed in 2004 and they recorded their first album in 2005.

    The song is just a song to me and has always been. Nothing special to it, but those songs seem to be doing the best for me here, so please, enjoy! :)

    your previous song was so amazing ig. good luck this time.
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    Your #29 would have been amazing. If it had lyrics and vocals:P

    Anyway, good luck for #30
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  4. haha yes, people have been telling me that quite many times haha, but I still like it :)

    Thanks! xx

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