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results for the 5th edition

  1. Patte Member

  2. ollie2283 jedan sam čekao je ovdje!

    i have only seen the first few voters points but really guys come on
    the amount of contradicting crap that is circulating around the site shows its dividens in the points - and the amount of ar*e-licking is just amazingly unbelieviable
    p.s thank you to anyone who voted for me
    about 5 countries/people were robbed but that usually is the case - esc 2007 and this edition have a lot in common it seems....
  3. MILKshake  

    oh my i came 4th :o :o :o :o i really CANNOT BELIEVE IT
    it was just a try something in Maltese langauge!! thank you a lot for who voted for me

    and congrats Moofistan and his Moffy :D
  4. Kevin New Member

    Congratulations everyone :D
    especially to the winner - that was by far the best song in my opinion :D
  5. Kristiina sxesov q.f

    I'm happy :)

    Special thanks: Sheepmark, MILKlands, Moofistan, Ishtaristan, Lusitânia, Hatican City, Þiðbandið, LuLuland, Støkkanslåndet, Arbana and Safinette! :)
  6. calrisle Scrutineer

    Thanks guys for all the votes - unlucky Fredde, just getting edged at the end! Congratulations Aaron! Is Moofistan shaping up to be the ESCCSC's very own Ireland? :)

    Obviously, there's a couple of negatives, but hopefully a constructive idea: maybe in the coming editions we could look at establishing some semi-finals á la the real ESC so that we can weed out the insidious block-voting that Ollie pointed out, which seems to occur without fail edition after edition.

    I'm delighted with my position, 8th is a totally respectable result, so thanks again for everyone's support - I'm sure Paramore are delighted that you guys liked their tune as much as you did!

    Congratulations and thanks to Fredde for organising a great show - well done dude!!

    (BTW, Anette, that Cardigans song you sent was AWESOME!)
  7. ollie2283 jedan sam čekao je ovdje!

    david although 8th is good u were clearly robbed mate :@
    i did a quick check and one person on the left side (which imo should have got 0)
  8. Almila i am what i am

    erm can someone write the top3 last3 n my rankin pls!!!im on mobile n dyin to know!seems aaron wo,no surprise there n kristiina n sammy also did well.yay n congrats for all!but what ollie said is interestin n smt to think of
  9. Mina Member with a "past"

    Congratulations to Moofistan...this voting was a real thriller...exciting!:D And thank you everyone who voted for me:P

    For Almila:
    Top 3
    Moofistan, Andropia, Fusionia

    Last 3
    Lokum, Lululand, Fireflance

    And you ranked 13th :)
  10. kotsios Call me Kots. Potter Kots

    congrats aaron!! u had a great song!!!
    thanks to all people who voted for fireflance btw!! and they weren't many...
  11. CTP Jass hater

    Congratulations to the winner! And special thanks to those who voted for my entry! So many good songs, and the voting was close, anyone could have won up until the last votes.
  12. Patte Member

    top 3


    and you¨re place is 13th Almila :) i hoep u can see this

    and hope u are not dieing in the hotness in turkey xD
  13. Almila i am what i am

    yay thank u so much mina!quoting marat safin im the lucky 13 yayooo!
  14. Almila i am what i am

    yes patte i can see it thank u also.omg ur 2nd,i told u ur song deserves it n ollie is the unlucky third aww.no worries i wont die be4 huntin u down my tornado xD
  15. ollie2283 jedan sam čekao je ovdje!

    unlucky third????
    im happy the odd pattern of 2nd, 8th over and over is broken rofl im happy almila!
    thanks once again to anyone who has voted for me

    i dont think a semi system will work as it takes to long and its too long winded for the members who wont be entering after a set amount of time *3 months* ahem. i think the easiest thing to do is to vote with your head not ure heart. if your best friends with someone dont give them 12 instantly - as it defeats the purpose of the site. we dont need 12's and 10's to prove friendship - and any one who does that to prove themselves should really think if a friendship based on that is worth it...
  16. Kevin New Member

    maybe someone should delete all the block voting for everyone, and see the placings then :rolleyes:
  17. ollie2283 jedan sam čekao je ovdje!

    half way done
  18. Almila i am what i am

    im pointin out the 1point difference ollie otherwise ofc u should be happy!have no idea about block votin havent seen the table yet but its a shame if friendly votin is that effective.we complain about it in real but do the same in a contest which was supposed to be fun.i dont care it much also as its for fun but im with ollie n thats how im votin
  19. ollie2283 jedan sam čekao je ovdje!

    HERE IS THE PLACINGS IF YOU REMOVE THEW BLOCK VOTES (JUST 10 AND 12'S THE 8'S ARE NEXT) p.s if u do not fully agree with how i have done it i am basing it on friendships and the points, if u are not friends with someone and i have taken points away *rofl* then add in the points for that country

    12's and 10's block removed
    name points block
    patte 110 -10
    moof 86 -46
    milk 85 x
    fusonia 84 -32
    jabeen 73 -10
    ishtar 67 -10
    krissu 61 x
    sheep 60 -10
    stockhol 60 x
    david 54 -12
    chris p 54 x
    almila 45 x
    este 44 x
    marko 43 x
    arban 40 x
    mina 38 x
    jonny 35 x
    kevin 31 -24
    EV 23 x
    Luis 21 x
    kots 15 x
    4real 12 -10
    i missed out chris e but ill add him in the next one
  20. I had one goal for this contest - to try and earn 12 points from both Black Daisystan and The State of the Ark. Unfortunately, I only received 13 points from the two in total, so I have no choice but to throw myself off a bridge* - I hope it was worth it you two, you shall have my blood on your hands forever!

    But seriously, I'm very pleased with my top 10 finish as after the first few votes I was bracing myself for a mid table finish and I think this is the most number of countries who have voted for my entry at once. Thanks to those who voted for Sheepmark: special thanks to Lokum and Andropia as well as Fusionia, San Minino, Jabia and Arbana :D

    I don't want to cast a shadow on this edition but it's blatantly clear some people can't separate songs from countries/players so I would like to see anonymity introduced into the song presentation. I've also noticed some people who are seemingly hesistant to vote for me *again, not bitter* but I shall be having words with them.

    Congratulations and thanks for the good edition - good luck and best wishes for the next one ;)

    *Not really, but I shall be physically harming myself all today...

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