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results for the 5th edition

  1. Almila i am what i am

    members with x has no friends then pff interestin dunno how much but some might be correct i guess
  2. Removed User #2 New Member

    YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY !! Go Aaron and Kate Winslet !! Another good songie won - woohoo !! :D:D

    And thank you to nearly all of you who voted for Kaasinator and Ishtaristan :D
  3. Arben The Flag Lover

    first: yay second time in a row my 12 points went to the winner :D

    second: yaaay, thnx vizz for 12 points, congrats, ur the first to give me 12 points and will always be on my mind :D ( thx MARKO,Jonny and the other low points giver too :D)

    third: As for me, i can say i only give points too songs, NEVER to people... if someone of you i like really didnt receive anything, sorry but there were just 10 better songs :o

    4th: pls guys give EVERY song a chance, you saw it now. More than a week till we had the results, enough time to hear all the songs once or more complete...

    last: as i already said in the chat there is a need of two new rules.
    1) the host has to send an confirmation email (as soon as possible) back to the voter, so that the voter nows his points dindnt go lost...

    2) we should all write down our places 1 to 10 + an 11th place, if someone is going to be disqualified... so that the 11th place takes the 10th place...
    i think this wont be a problem if the host does that scoreboard timmyweb thing AFTER EVERYONE sent their votes...

    and p.s. pls guys dont play this "i want to be last sanding votes thing" (if u do) :D;)
  4. LOL Almila :D don't worry, you have friends, it's just they know how to separate "friendship" from "song quality" ;)
  5. Almila i am what i am

    the best part of this contest was hearin two great songs from kristiina n sheep.i loveem!
  6. Teşekkür ederim :) *öpücükler* ben Almila-kolik (if that makes any sense :D)
  7. Almila i am what i am

    yay sheep n they r gud at it caus i wasnt expectin a top10 n im 13th so im comfortable at the end.btw does anyone know when can we send our songs to aaron
  8. Kevin New Member

    so it appears from this, that ollie was one of the people who benefitted most from bloc voting, and would have come 4th instead of third
  9. Kristiina sxesov q.f

    Well, I'm trying to send you that song, but you're not on MSN.... :rolleyes:
  10. Almila i am what i am

    hahaha it totally makes sense my lovely sheep-sorry cant add smilies on mobile but i have a huge smile on my face-seriously u r introducin new names n songs that ive never heard be4 but hit my heart at first so keep it up sheep u r one of the bests for me besides!ur friendship xD
  11. Almila i am what i am

    im comiiin krissu!
  12. calrisle Scrutineer

    Well, actually it would appear that in terms of overall position, Kevin, you benefitted the most.

    Funny how we only see what we want to see sometimes...
  13. Removed User #2 New Member

    The bitchin' will last forever and ever !!

    Long Live the 3G Girls ... always so right... :D
  14. Kevin New Member

    but position doesnt make that much of an impact as appose to points, as remember, position is based on points, and if it is close, the position doesnt make much of a difference

    the points are the real test of who benefits most, as we give out our rankings in the form of points

    and so, ollie benefitted quite a lot, considering he is complaining so much

    NOTE: this is not a denial of my beneficiary of so-called "bloc voting" i am simply stating the whole situation
  15. Funny, you weren't saying that in the last edition :rolleyes:

    Ollie can only really give an estimate of these 'bloc' votes and to be honest, he's just discounted the points from people who he considers his closest friends. I am one of these but I can say my 10 points to him didn't arise from friendship but from the fact that it is a decent song which people with actual taste in music listen to.

    EDIT: I really cba-ed with this anymore, so I'm off for a while...
  16. Kevin New Member

    Well my points were actually for songs i loved - i honestly feel that Jabeen and Arron's songs were my two favourites

    and i didnt see you lot complaining about bloc voting in the last few editions. In fact you all denied it, and now that you appear to have "lost" due to it, you are complaining
  17. ollie2283 jedan sam čekao je ovdje!

    top 3 points block removed

    1 patte 95 up 1
    2 moof 78 down 1
    3 milk 71 up 1
    4 fusonia 69 down 1
    5 sheep 60 up 2
    6 ishtar 59 =
    7 chris p 54 up 5
    8 krissu 53 up 1
    9 jabeen 50 down 4
    10 david 46 down 2
    11 stockhol 45 down 1
    12 almila 45 up 1
    13 este 44 up 1
    14 arban 40 up 2
    15 mina 40 up 2
    16 marko 36 down 1
    17 chris e 29 up 2
    18 jonny 28 =
    19 EV 23 up 1
    20 kevin 17 down 9
    21 kots 15 up 2
    22 Luis 13 up 1
    23 4real 12 down 2
    and for the record i lost a place by 1 not by 9 kevin *INTERESTING!!!!* - and if u read this post u will realise i am doing it by friendships as i cant 100% garuntee a bloc vote like in the esc...
    i think it takes a bigger person to say friends voted for me (for song or person) then to winge about it and deny that u have the most block vote percentage....
  18. Kevin New Member

    Question from Mark:

    Seens as he has been banned (again), is he allowed to participate in the contest next time?

    he also asks:
    "why was i blocked from the site completely, and my 3G girl comment was about both sides, on how they are both being completely childish and pathetic.."
  19. Patte Member


    i had the least block vots that means I have no friends, Almila can we make a team ? :P hahaha xD
  20. calrisle Scrutineer

    I banned Mark to follow through on his previous ban. I don't think it's a reasonable expectation to come back with a different username and expect to carry on as usual.

    His non-membership of ESCChat would indeed be a considerable obstacle to his participation in the ESCChat Song Contest.

    Mark's IP will be monitored from now on, and I will make every effort to ban any usernames he creates in the future. A ban's a ban, boys and girls.

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