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Results from the member's top 40

  1. Teodor Moderator

    Here are the results:

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  2. Toni1979 New Member

    I saw the ranking you post and i'am surprising why Albania is ranking only in 26 place. This means that in this forum most of the inscribed are not great lovers of music. Despite this my Albania is ranked at 26 place. This bodes well when the people will vote for real, supposing most of them music lovers :) Bye..Have Fun!
  3. Anaconda I'm as sick as fuck.

    What y'all hear in Romania is beyond me... And James, only 3 for Loïc? He's my number 1 ;) Norway freaks me out. Go Maraaya though!
  4. Teodor Moderator

    Albania is 16th and not 26th. Also these results change probably daily
  5. Code9189 And There's a Noisy Storm Outside me...

    Finally France is ranked High here lol
  6. Michal New Member

    I refresh previous ranking:
    -I added some people
    -Some people changed their ranking so I changed it too
    -I added colours (yellow 1st, silver 2nd, brown 3rd, blue 4-10)

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  7. Michal New Member

    I also made scoreboard with eurovision voting
    check it ;)

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