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Results of the Australian televote

  1. BTD A Member

    As you probably already know, over in Australia the broadcaster SBS televises the Eurovision song contest every year, and allows viewers to vote for their favourites, purely for fun.

    Here are this year's results:

    The change in position I find most interesting is Ireland, shooting all the way up to 3rd. Anyone know if Jedward are relatively big in Oz?
  2. aussiegeorge New Member

    Jedward have no profile here outside of Eurovision. They would be very successful here though if they tried to enter the market. But the kind of Eurovision songs we like are always either the: epic (like Sweden), the novelty (Russia and Jedward), or ethnopop (Italy, Greece and Cyprus).

    I liked our results. They seem very fair.
  3. Ashley Hayes Eurovision Otaku Housewife

    It would be nice if i could've voted in this.... Perth times being 2 hours behind is bad ;p
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