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Russia 2013

  1. Julio STRANGLES

    Eurovision.tv just revealed the internally selected singer for Malmo, it is Dina Garipova, she won the Russian version of the show ''The Voice''.
    Dina is originally from the Republic of Tatarstan. She started singing with the age of six. The artist performs pop and rock songs in Tatar, Russian, French, English and Italian.

    The song will have the name ''What If'' and will be produced by Gabriel Alares and Joakim Bjornberg, both Swedish.

    More info at: http://www.eurovision.tv/page/news?id=74133&_t=dina_garipova_to_represent_russia
  2. Mina Member with a "past"

  3. Julio STRANGLES

    the song has been taken down but I did some work :D

  4. Norbert Welcome

    nice voice finally russia something good
    better than last year :)
  5. OskarEvansBaker New Member

    Oh that is reeeeeeeeeally good !
    That's gonna go hurtling towards the top end of my leaderboard.
    Norbert likes this.

    Well it sounds like it was recorded in a toilet, but no doubt that will improve. Her voice is pleasant enough but I can't be doing with these "worthy, moralistic" songs, and I think these lyrics lend themselves to being sung by more than one person.
  7. sokrates1988 I HATE EUROVISION

    whats with the big gasps at the end of every line ? bring back the Grannies
  8. Teodor Moderator

    Good voice,but i dont like it... :P
  9. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

    Final version can be heard here

    The music video will come out this week.
  10. Norbert Welcome

    bit copied from chiara-what if we lol
    not so original but good..
  11. sissel kvamme Active Member

    very good song, like it a lot!
  12. adamacs RUTH DAVIDSON FOR PM.

    I actually quite like this

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