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Russia 2014

  1. DenDutch Well-Known Member

    :ru:There was no Russia 2014 forum so here it is:ru:
    The video of Shine is released:
  2. Julio STRANGLES

    the videoclip:


    Fine BUMBERSHOOTS they have there <<
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  4. ThatWelshOne Member

    Russian version
    I like this version better, but the English one is still good.
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  5. DenDutch Well-Known Member

    Ew, I saw a tweet by Dima
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  6. Rua Haldor Lægreid Impersonator

    Christ, I actually REALLY like the Russian version. o_O If they sent this version, it probably would have been in my top 15.
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  7. SuperRussian New Member

    The Russian version was better obvs but 7th with the English isn't bad either :up:

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