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Russia reacts to Eurovision 2014

  1. Julio STRANGLES

    We all been seeing how sore loser Russia has been, here are some sentences said by a Russia MP:

    "I watched the results of last Saturday's Eurovision with deep pain, giving first place to a bearded lady is a slight on humanity and suicide!"
    "This is the end of Europe. It's rotted away. There are no more men and women. There is just 'It'!"
    "I'm convinced that all sensible people, who love children and their motherland, will support this idea,the new contest will promote completely different values. Certainly not the values of transsexuals, lesbians and homosexuals."
    "They didn't like our girls because they had braids, not beards"

    So after the sore lose comments of the Israeli entrant Mei and the Georgian Shin, Russia still manages to get the award of sore loser of the year.

    See full article: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-27404406
  2. James ... and his things xD

    what did axel say? :o
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  3. Julio STRANGLES

    Actually I'm not sure myself I think someone posted his reaction in chat, but as I don't have a link as I do for the Georgian and Israeli entrants I removed it :P


    Glad to know Russians apparently think otherwise. A 3rd place in televoting says a lot, not to mention a quite acceptable 11th place in their juries (If they had ranked it higher, they might have been misteriously shot in the street, I guess...)
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  5. Rua Haldor Lægreid Impersonator

    "They didn't like our girls because they had braids, not beards," he alleged, then promptly burst into song, with an impromptu performance of the Russian folk tune "Black Crow".


    But no, seriously. Phillip Kirkokov has the right idea of it - that he has the basic premise of respecting someone rather than judging them beforehand. All this talk of a falsified televoting and the fact that it's not a singing competition anymore is ridiculous.

    Conchita is a fantastic singer - sure, you might not like the tone of voice they use but no one can doubt that they can sing. Russian twins, they can also sing. Very well, in fact. But the whole important subject on this, is that they are basically saying that it's not fair that they didn't win, when they got a respectable 7th place themselves. If this is Russia's attitude towards the Eurovision (and I'm not saying this is the attitude of the people of Russia themselves, this is obviously the way the government works around there) then they are welcome to withdraw.

    That's my piece on it, anyway.
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  6. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    EVEN IF 'The Voice of Eurasia' does sound like a hot mess from start to finish, a :ru: withdrawal would be a shame as the Russian public clearly LOVES a good drag queen. Also Eurovision wouldn't be quite the same without one of its most villainous nations, even if we would still have :az:.
  7. eviken New Member

    Well Russia is right. This contest showed alot that it all has to be about politics, at first those girls of Russia were bullied, and then many eastern and western countries let Conchita win, to make a statement to Russia and other countries were gays are forbidden. Eurovision song contest must go about the music and not about politics. What will we get next year of the years after. I would say to eurovision itself do so further and in a few years the contest will be over.
  8. Julio STRANGLES

    That was one of the most disturbing comments I've read here in ages
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  9. Mina Member with a "past"

    We can't consider ONE person as a representative of a whole country. The proof is, of course, in that Austria did very well in the Russian televoting (3rd) and quite well with the Russian juries, too (11th).
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  10. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    I find these claims that :at:'s win politicised the contest a tad dubious, tbf. The message that people should be able to achieve their dreams, regardless of their appearance, sexuality, gender identity, race, haircut, favourite root vegetable etc. etc. is not a particularly controversial or political message a lot of Europe. Moreover, I highly doubt people were sitting at home thinking "Oh let's vote for this bearded drag queen because Russia hates gays".

    I imagine that people voted for Austria because they connected with the performance and the message it evoked, but not to make a political statement.
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  11. Rua Haldor Lægreid Impersonator

    EXTREMELY important, that. I'm having horrible flashbacks of frantically searching for the right button to press on the weighing scale. :nope:
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  12. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    HFc never let this eternal struggle prevent you from achieving your dreams :(.
  13. adamacs RUTH DAVIDSON FOR PM.

    Ah potato
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  14. ThatWelshOne Member

    Russians aren't bigots.
    Oh, wait.
  15. Julio STRANGLES

  16. Rua Haldor Lægreid Impersonator

    Darn those drag queens and their control of the weather system. *shakes fist to the heavens*
  17. Code9189 And There's a Noisy Storm Outside me...

    If only the west voted for Russia:

    Greece 10
    Portugal 2

    Total: 12 Points giving it a prestigious spot Between Valentina and Slovenia

    If Only their Neigbours and Friends Voted:

    Belarus 12
    Armenia 10
    Georgia 8
    Moldova 8
    Macedonia 6
    Lithuania 6
    Malta 5
    Ukraine 4
    Israel 3
    Latvia 2
    Estonia 1

    Total: 77pts Enough for a top 10 Spot above Denmark and Spain.
    Russia is a Bottom 5 technically.

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