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Semi One: YourThoughts


Did you enjoy the first semi final overall?

Poll closed 20th May 2009.
Yes, it was the best semi EVER! 2 vote(s) 14.3%
Yes, I loved it! 4 vote(s) 28.6%
Yeah, I liked it... 3 vote(s) 21.4%
Hmmm, s'alright I guess... 2 vote(s) 14.3%
No, I did not like it 0 vote(s) 0.0%
No, it was the worst semi ever!!! 3 vote(s) 21.4%
  1. I don't know if there's really enough time or will power in us to do this but if you want, this thread is just about thoughts in general about last night...

    Are you happy with the results?
    I don't think it could have gone any better to be honest. All my favourites bar Switzerland qualified and tbh I think they brought it on themselves with that horrific vocal performance...

    Best Performance - worst performance?
    Without a doubt Iceland were the best and Bulgaria were the worst: mess, screeching, and I don't normally do things like this but at the 2-minute mark I had to cover my ears because I really was that uncomfortable.

    Surprised with anyone - disappointed with anyone?
    Surprised with Israel qualifying (but not because the song is 'not-worthy') and I'm still not completely satisfied with Malena, but I think Christer's blown the chance of Sweden 2010 already...

    Who did you vote for?
    Iceland - 12 votes
    Portugal - 8 votes
    Armenia/Sweden - 6 Votes
    Finland - 2 votes
    Malta, Switzerland, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Israel - 1 vote

    Who do you think got the jury wildcard?
    Israel or Portugal

    Anything else to add?
    i.e. the camera-work was utter shite -.-
    One thing, I was rather surprised at how fair the voting was. Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Malta, Portugal coupled with the generally 'neighbourless/friendless' Israel made it look rather 'west heavy' and if you look at the ones who didn't qualify it also tells the same story and it also makes you realise JUST how many Eastern European countries there are in Eurovision.

    Plus, I'm really not seeing Bosnia as the winner - it's nice and everything but rather dull on stage...

    A VERY IMPORTANT EDIT: Apparently in the UK, the semi only got 437,000 viewers between 8-10 last night with a market share of 2% o_O I think our votes actually helped a lot then!
  2. Mina Member with a "past"

    Are you happy with the results?
    I'm happy because my top favourites, Finland, Bosnia and Sweden qualified...I wish Belarus had qualified, too.

    Best Performance - worst performance?
    Best performances in my opinion were Sweden and Belarus. Worst performance..hmmm several, but I'll go with Belgium.

    Surprised with anyone - disappointed with anyone?
    I was surprised that Belarus didn't qualify. I was disappointed with Turkey and Portugal, I like both songs but the performances disappointed me.

    Who did you vote for?
    If I could, I would have voted for Finland, Sweden, Bosnia and Belarus.

    Who do you think got the jury wildcard?
    Israel or Iceland.

    Anything else to add?
    From this semi, I only see Bosnia and Sweden as possible winners...and of course it's great that Finland drew the lucky number 24...Dima last year had the same spot:D
  3. c1ask0 Napkin of death holder

    Are you happy with the results?
    I was relatively happy. I more or less knew that Andorra wouldn't get through, but I thought the Montenegrin performance was great and I think that they should have qualified instead of Romania. I also feel that Switzerland deserve more credit than they are getting, and should have qualified instead of Israel.

    Best Performance - worst performance?
    Best performance without a doubt was Iceland. Worst performance was the Czech Republic - what nonsense.

    Surprised with anyone - disappointed with anyone?
    I was surprised to see Israel qualify and was pleasantly surprised by the staging of Bosnia & Herzegovina which I enjoyed. Disappointed by Bulgaria and most of all Sweden - this song sounds very weak without the choir backing track.

    Who did you vote for?
    Montenegro - 1 vote
    Armenia - 1 vote
    Andorra - 1 vote
    Iceland - 1 vote
    Malta - 1 vote
    Finland - 2 votes at Mina's request

    Who do you think got the jury wildcard?
    Probably Israel.

    Anything else to add?
    Camera work was crap and so were the hosts. I did enjoy the presentation of the finalists, however.
  4. Arben The Flag Lover


    Are you happy with the results?

    Yes 9/10 its really good.

    Best Performance - worst performance?
    Best: Turkey; Worst: Belgium

    Surprised with anyone - disappointed with anyone?
    Surprised by Turkey, it was the only entry with the WOW effect on me (i didnt watch rehearsals), Belarus was also quite impressive. Disappointed with Bosnia, because all of you made me courius about the performance which wasnt THAT enormous tbh.

    Who did you vote for?
    Bosnia- for being my personal No3 2009
    Montenegro - Cause they need it

    Belarus,Portugal,Sweden cause they were amongst the best on that day imo.
    (I didnt vote for Turkey cause there was no need - Im living in Germany :D)

    Who do you think got the jury wildcard?
    Israel or Portugal

    Anything else to add?
    Stage: GREATEST ever.
    Camera works : WORST ever, i could have cried to be honest... i want to kick somebody s Ass....
    Host: WORST ever. Not even funny. Take that backstage guy and let him host.
    Button: WTF? I thought it was meant to STOP the envelopes? not to start em.
    Intervall act: WOOOOOW.....
    Commentator: In Germany we have a new guy and hes done a really good job!
    Arena: OMG, wheres ESC gone? There was WAAAY to much floor in the audience, the arena wastoo lighten, there was absolutely no atmosphere! Im starting to miss Belgrade.
    Postcards: Too short, nothing new just expensive looking... i dont want to learn russian... I havent learned ANYTHING...

    Defenatly WORST SEMI ever... hopefully the second one will be 1000000 times better!
  5. * I'm happy that Sweden qualified :D Heaven help us if it turns out that we were saved by the jury this year too :o But where are Switzerland and Belarus :S

    * Yohanna was amazing :P I was disappointed with Hadise's performance and surprised that Israel qualified.

    * I voted for: Switzerland - Finland - Belarus - Iceland :)

    * Jury wildcard - if it wasn't Sweden I think Malta got it.
  6. Mark New Member

    Are you happy with the results?
    I'd probs only change Turkey with Switzerland :D But the best results I have ever seen in my ESC life !!

    Best Performance - worst performance?
    I have to mention 2 countries for best
    1) Israel - I cried all the way through that, it was just incredible
    2) Portugal - Just so lovely and sweet and brilliantly sung considering she was crying a lot, I cried at the end of that performance too.
    (God help me when Kaas comes on)

    Worst performance again 2 countries get this.
    1) Bulgaria just everything was terrible
    2) Belarus - painful! painful! painful!

    Surprised with anyone - disappointed with anyone?
    Surprised with Malta, Iceland, Israel, Portugal making the final. Maybe Europe are starting to like songs more now !?

    Who did you vote for?
    I broke the rules and voted twice
    Israel - 1
    Portugal - 1

    Who do you think got the jury wildcard?
    Either Sweden/Finland/Israel/Portugal

    Anything else to add?
    The actual show was CRAAAAAAAAAP !! I mean omg - Eurovision has never been crapper, the hosts were shit !! the audience were shit !! our commentators were shit !! A west really needs to win, so we can have some good presenters at last !! OMG !! They were driving me insane - and I actually don't think the stage is very good for ESC either ... but the results made the contest for me ( which they usually do the opposite )
  7. Mark New Member

    I also think the music is played too loud ... unless that was just my TV on full blast :D
  8. Oh no doubt :P but the results were just so awesome I had no other choice but to vote for "best semi EVER!" :D And have you noticed (excluding Georgia) that the final looks exactly like it did last year? :o Every country which made last night made it last year too...*sheep feels a conspiracy brewing*
  9. Mark New Member

    Except poor old Malta, who can only do well with Chiara :D
  10. o_O my bad :D :P they can be the new Georgia then ^^ same colour flag and everything and I'm betting that Chiara's bought Diana's key-change sheet off eBay after being disappointed with the apparel selection for "plus plus plus size" women in Malta...
  11. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    ROFL!! Well for our semis thats no higher or lower than usual I suppose!! It wouldn't hurt the BBC to show them on BBC2, then they might at least get a few million, cos the BBC know nobody watches BBC3 anyway which is why they dump the semis there. BUT I suppose we don't take part so they've got no reason to want high viewing figures for the semis.

    And overall I was supremely happy!!!!
  12. Mark New Member

    rooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooofl !!
  13. Aaron N Moof master

    Are you happy with the results?

    I’m happy enough with the results, all my faves (bar Andorra) qualified, and all the crap ones got what they deserved the loooong flight home (except Turkey and Romania which were the only crap ones that did qualify)

    Best performance - worst performance?

    Best was Iceland by far! Worst…. I’d say either Belgium or Bulgaria (both were just as crap as each other lmao)

    Surprised with anyone - disappointed with anyone?

    Surprised with Israel qualifying (I didn’t think they would after the performance) I thought Switzerland was a bit of a let down, the singer was too quiet (tbh quiet a few of the acts were quiet)

    Who did you vote for?

    Iceland x1
    Finland x1
    Sweden x2
    Malta x1
    Israel x1
    Andorra x2 (blame stew :P lmao)

    Who do you think got the jury wildcard?

    Israel or Portugal (maybe Sweden but I doubt it this time)

    Anything else to add?

    Camera work was utter shitttte.
    The host were awful (a least they’re not doing the final :D)
    The stage was great
    The audience were crap (wonders if the boring people from esctoday were there Keith, Lina, Layla etc…. lmaoooo)
    Postcards were crap that miss world woman is annoying me already……
    And finally hadise was shite!!!! She can shake her herpes somewhere else (preferably in a volcano lmao)
  14. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch


    I DONT GET IT!!! Why is everybody saying the camera work was crap?!!?!? I just watched a few performances back from last night and I really don't think the camera work was bad! I don't think its any worse or any better than Belgrade or whatever!

    I think alot of people are saying it was bad because thats what delegations and stuff have been saying but actually watch it, and do you honestly think the camera work was THAT bad!?

    + The hosts were immense!!!!!!
  15. Kevin New Member

    Are you happy with the results?
    Yes, Israel, Malta and Iceland all qualified, the only sad thing is that Herpise and Malena got through, but Switzerland and Andorra didn't. But all in all it was a good result.

    Best Performance - worst performance?
    ICELAND!!!!!!!! she was amazing, Malta was good too, but the song wasn't as good as Iceland. Israel harmonised well too. The worst was Czech Republic - Simply awful.

    Surprised with anyone - disappointed with anyone?
    Suprised that all my favourites qualified. Was dissapointed with Switzerland, i thought they would be better, and Montenegro too. If i'm gna get really picky, Johanna could have sung better, and Chiara got too powerful too quickly.
    Who did you vote for?

    Iceland - once
    Malta - once
    Finland - once (for Mina ;)

    Who do you think got the jury wildcard?
    Sweden :P, Israel or Malta

    Anything else to add?
    The songs wern't the best, but the show was good. The hosts sucked though, and i didn't like the envelopes. The order could so easily have been fixed. Miss world is getting on my tits :@
  16. Mark New Member

    I didn't notice anything wrong with the camera shots .... but the show in general was very cheap and messy - the stage even looks cheap ...

    I must say I loved the crowd chanting Andorra !! Andorra !! Andorra and then Susanne laughing at them ... :D
  17. Arben The Flag Lover

    1) Not every lest years qualifier did this year too but EVERY nonqualifier of 2008 didnt do it this year too... LOOOL

    2)The camera work was SHITTTTTTT.From song 1 to 7/8 after that it was ok sometimes even good...
    Maybe u didnt noticed but if u know about the basics of "How to capture a performance as good as possible" u'll see the camera works were more than bad...
    Just f.e. the length (time) of one camera shot (f.e. full view of the arena) was WAAAAY too long AND on the wrong positions. I had the feeling to miss the actual performance on stage sometimes.
    And the camera views didnt switch between beats or parts of song (like the fantastic background DOES) ...

    I think someone who watches ESC every year as an REAL fan should have somehow, i say in any way noticed that. (Jonny u just were too fascinated by the hosts u couldnt see it :D)

    But still there is hope...In Moscow we trust...Arben(Amen)
  18. Don't give me ":P" - you're still pissy about my Sasha comment anyway...but in reality don't think I'm sitting here twiddling my hooves, fluffing my wool, under the illusion that Malena came 1st and destroyed the rest of the competition because frankly it wasn't all that and if Charlotte could get beaten by the fucking pirates last year, Malena could have easily come behind the rest of the bunch because they were actually decent songs :rolleyes:

    And ROOOOFL, Miss World is completely pointless and they could have made more of an attempt to make the postcards more closely resemble the countries - the only one I fully understood was Iceland because of the shot of Hallgrímskirkja and the blatant reference to snow -.-

    -.- everything is bloody cheap ! :D
  19. Also, referring to the postcards, Russia did something quite impressive and controversial and actually supported (albeit very subtly) Armenia's position in the conflict they're having/had with Azerbaijan. In their postcard there was a shot of a male and female statue in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh...don't know why it's important but I found it interesting/surprising...
  20. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    I reckon it was Israel or Portugal who got the jury vote, but more likely Israel. I don't think it was Sweden because Malena gave one of the most memorable performances of the night, and whilst her MF performance was marginally better, her ESC performance was still cracking and I reckon she could have made the top 5.

    And I whilst I doubt it, I reckon theres a chance that maybe Malta got the jury vote. I don't think she did but I reckon theres a chance cos Chiara's vocals weren't up to scratch and as a performance of a ballad, Iceland was alot better if i'm honest.

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