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Semi Two: YourThoughts


Did you enjoy the second semi final overall?

Poll closed 22nd May 2009.
Yes, it was the best semi EVER! 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Yes, I loved it! 2 vote(s) 20.0%
Yeah, I liked it... 5 vote(s) 50.0%
Hmmm, s'alright I guess... 3 vote(s) 30.0%
No, I did not like it 0 vote(s) 0.0%
No, it was the worst semi ever!!! 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. So that's it, we have our final 20 qualifiers - and we have the most epic predicting tool out of any ESC-fan sites: the Napkin of death!!! So same as for semi one, share your thoughts, or if you're not creative enough just use the questions as a template....

    Are you happy with the results?
    For me, the night hinged around how Estonia did and the rest was just tag-along shite. I was getting seriously worried they hadn't done it, but you can imagine my relief when they were the 8th envelope :) I would replace Lithuania with Cyprus and Croatia with Slovakia, but Igor is a cutie so s'all good...

    Best Performance - worst performance?
    Without a doubt, the best performance for me with Urban Symphony but I also really loved Cyprus, Slovakia, Hungary (for obvious reasons :P) and dare I say I even enjoyed Holland performance. Worst was the Serbian shite - not funny, not good, just so gratifying to see it fail ooh, and fuck Slovenia!!! Muahahahahaha, The Gypsies and Leggy Blond have been avenged!!! TAKE THAT EMA JURY - THIS IS WHAT CORRUPTION GETS YOU!!!

    Surprised with anyone - disappointed with anyone?
    I was surprised with how much I liked Ukraine. Call me crazy, but that loony biatch gave it some Carola-esque determination and I can't help admire people who put that much effort into things. I was rather underwhelmed by Greece and Azerbaijan's performance...not seeing them as winners now - especially not with their draw.

    Who did you vote for?
    I was voting for Estonia with my mind.

    Who do you think got the jury wildcard?
    Lithuania or Denmark would be the obvious choices but I'm hoping we have another Perrelli-gate this year only it's Rybak that gets to suffer...

    Anything else to add?
    Basically, it was all the things which made semi one awful, combined with not as spectacular results...it wasn't a semi to remember to be honest.

    An important note (please read)
    Look at how many Western European countries failed to qualify - 5 (+ Cyprus) and look at how many Eastern European countries didn't qualify. What people really need to realise it's not 50-50 us and them, it's more 75-25 so if people want to complain about the east dominating, it really is just a case of there being more of them.

    Last night, 2 count them 2 Western European countries failed to qualify: Holland and Ireland - only 2 qualified as well (plus Estonia and Greece, but their position in Europe is debatable) - really it just re-enforces my point. The semis are no longer 'unfair', but we've yet to see what the juries are going to do on Saturday...
  2. Mina Member with a "past"

    Are you happy with the results?

    In general, yes. I would prefer if Ireland and Cyprus replaced Ukraine and Norway but we can't have it all:P I am very happy that Estonia, Croatia and Moldova passed the semi as I loved all of them.

    Best Performance - worst performance?

    Estonia and Croatia were the best. Actually I found Croatia better in the sense that the song isn't as strong as Estonia's and yet he 'sold' it very well and impressed me. Worst I think it was Azerbaijan (although over here all the people I asked this morning told me they loved Azerbaijan:rolleyes:) and Norway in the sense that I expected more from the #1 favourite.

    Surprised with anyone - disappointed with anyone?

    I was surprised with Croatia, I didn't expect Igor to be so good! I was disappointed with Arash and Aysel although like I said before everyone here loved it so I guess it's different for people who watch a performance for the 1st time.

    Who did you vote for?

    OMG I voted for so many! Estonia, Slovenia, Croatia, Moldova, Poland, Denmark, Lithuania, Hungary..and I'm sure I forget someone:P

    Who do you think got the jury wildcard?

    Lithuania or Denmark and I think Denmark is more likely since Lithuania had 5 ex soviet countries that certainly voted for it.

    Anything else to add?

    Good luck to Sakis and I hope Estonia is in the top 10 or even in the top 5..Sandra is amazing.
  3. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    THANK YOUU!!!! Thats EXACTLY what I was trying to say yesterday in the chat but I don't think I put it across very well. :)

    Anyway overall I think it was a good semi. The hosts were less flirtacious, which dissapointed me actually!! But overall it was good, I am relatively happy with qualifiers, apart from the fact Ireland didn't qualify BUT I sort of saw it coming tbh :( Sinead and Black Daisy did give an amazing performance (one of the best of the night imo) but obviously it wasn't enough. I wouldn't be surprised if they were close to qualification though.

    Out of the qualifiers Azerbaijan was my favourite and I shall be voting like mad for Azerbaijan & Spain in the final!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW a quick (if rather dissapointing) note!
    This is the first year in a very very long time where there are no rock songs whatsoever in the final :( I find this dissapointing not only cos its probs my fave genre of music outside of the world of esc, but because there were some really really good rock (or pop/rock) songs this year (Belarus, Ireland, Switzerland etc). Incidentally the final is full of ballads. (11 to be precise) :o
  4. Exactly what I thought, and I'd like to add Macedonia :D

    Do I have to say that I'm utterly disappointed that Ireland didn't qualify (I didn't see it coming). I've got over it now though :D

    At the same time I'm happy that Denmark made it to the final (without help from the juries, I hope) and Azerbaijan as well :P

    I think that Lithuania, Croatia or Estonia got the wildcard ;)
  5. I'm not a fan of rock at all, and I can really see why the final is rock-free this year. In the past, we've had some really strong songs, most notably "Leave Me Alone" by Hanna - I class this as "good rock".

    Unfortunately, I think what we've had this year is "bad rock". FYR Macedonia and to a certain extent, Belarus, are nothing but crappy, 80s, stadium rock and Macedonia had the further handicap of singing native. Switzerland was really good but shot themselves in the foot with a poor (some say "understated") performance with terrible vocals - and yes, Hadise was shite too but a crap pop song is always going to be more widely appreciated than bad rock vocals. And Ireland were just subject to a chain of unfortunate events - being drawn 2nd wasn't exactly easy and I think the organisers played a part in their demise as well and we need to face facts, Ireland obviously has very few friends.

    And Stockholm stop saying Estonia got the jury wildcard or you'll make me cry :(
  6. Mark New Member

    Are you happy with the results?
    I'm super happy for Estonia and Moldova - but annoyed my 2 least favs made it Norway and Ukraine. Others were expected, so it was just quite boring really. Sad for Cyprus and Slovakia who performed one of the best of the nights.

    Best Performance - worst performance?
    Best - By far Nelly Nelly Nelly - amazing song, amazing dancing, amazing singing, amazing clothes - all at the same time, a true ESC song...

    Worst - Latvia - I nearly killed myself...

    Surprised with anyone - disappointed with anyone?
    No surprises. Everything was very average bar Moldova and Estonia.
    Norway - I expected more, just so forgetful and his singing simply got worse
    Ukraine - Boring as "hell"
    Greece - Crap singing and boring as hell - how on earth can you be impressed by a box lifting up !?
    Serbia - I was expecting it to be funny, not Estonia 2008
    Denmark - just very averagely bad, plus he had a chair !!!

    Who did you vote for?
    Let's just say I was screaming for Moldova and Estonia until they got picked.

    Who do you think got the jury wildcard?
    I would say Lithuania, but they had a song after about 5 "show" songs, plus had all the baltics, I would say Denmark or Norway - they were very underwheling and bad singing and forgetful - Even I forgot about Rybak ...

    Anything else to add?
    Everything was shite, bar Moldova, Estonia, Cyprus and Slovakia.

    Plus, I don't want Greece to win the contest in a LONG time, even if they send Ishtar dueting with Carola, because the Greek fans and media are just so selfish and obnoxious. They pack up most of the press conference, cheer Sakis like if he was God and no one else, and then leave after he is done. They are just soo arrogant and big headed - I'm glad Sakis has a bad drawn and I hope he falls off his lift and dies ...

    Oh yes and either Norway or UK will win - me thinks.
  7. c1ask0 Napkin of death holder

    Are you happy with the results?
    Fairly happy, although I wanted Cyprus and Holland to qualify.

    Best Performance - worst performance?
    I think Lithuania gave the best vocal performance. The worst one was Serbia, closely followed by Poland. I don't wanna leave? Well I left, the room that is!

    Surprised with anyone - disappointed with anyone?
    I was surprised by Ireland. According to AKOE they had some bad rehearsals, but I enjoyed their performance. I also thought Latvia gave a great performance. I was disappointed with Denmark, Slovenia, Hungary and Azerbaijan. This run of songs seemed to be a little off on the night, especially Denmark who shouldn't have qualified in my opinion.

    Who did you vote for?
    Noone, but Mina spent the last of her fortune on a couple of gay votes for Hungary.

    Who do you think got the jury wildcard?
    Denmark, without a doubt.

    Anything else to add?
    I thought I would enjoy the first semi-final more, but due to the much improved cameras and hosts I actually found this one more enjoyable. Also, Paddy O'Connell didn't read out my message to Eurobooth so I'll cite it here:

    "They say it isn't over until the fat lady sings. Well, after that Dutch performance I have to agree!"
  8. Mark New Member

    What my parents thought ...

    Ireland was bad - but they only like to see Ireland with ballads, like they are use to.
    Serbia - awful ( by my mummy ) She is glad they didn't make it
    Norway - my dad said was good until he started to sing.
    Slovakia - my dad thought the screams were awful - I told him that is what is so amazing - Croatia alla 1996 :D
    Denmark - oh that's Ronan Keatings song ( my mum )
    Slovenia - awful and waste of time ( dad )
    Hungary - you should have just seen my dad's face ( who is very Catholic - ROFLROFL )
    Azerbaijan - Oh, i've heard you play this song, it will do well ( mum )
    Greece - Well he's not a good singer (dad) he also kept on joking how amazing the lift was, he looks like a rubbish version of ricky martin (mum)
    Lithuania - well that was awful ( dad )
    Moldova - is that man waving a mop ( dad )
    Albania - she looks nervous ( dad )
    Ukraine - terrible, this should not make the final or even enter ( mum ) again you should have seen the look on my dad's face :D
    Estonia - blank face - they obv. are not use to this music.
    Holland - terrible ( mum )

    I think my mum's favourite will be UK, Iceland and Israel.
    and my dad never says what he likes, just complains how the camera never keeps still long enough so you an actually look at the singer ...
  9. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    BTW I just watched the performance of Noa & Mira again and now I really don't think they were the jury vote (from the first semi). Vocally they were flawless, and the concept behind their song made it very very memorable, not to mention the arena loved it so I wouldn't be surprised if they were quite comfortably in the top 10 on Tuesday.:)
  10. ollie2283 jedan sam čekao je ovdje!

    how saddening to think... :(
    the worst of it belarus was amazing on the night and switzelrland had the most contemparary song in years!
  11. Kevin New Member

    Are you happy with the results?
    Well, Lithuania, Denmark & Estonia all got through, whilst Slovakia and Holland didn't. I liked Slovenia more than i thought i would (the whoooar bit was good). I am so furious Norway got through, as the song was pretty bad, and Rybak is so annoying (even mum agreed), but i have to admit it was a nice performance. Its annoying Greece, Norway and Ukraine all qualified.

    Best Performance - worst performance?
    Even though i dislike the song, Moldova was very good. The worst was Latvia, followed closely by Hungary, Greece, Ukraine and Cyprus.

    Surprised with anyone - disappointed with anyone?
    I was supprised that Greece, Ukraine and Norway all qualified - i thought one of them (most likely being Norway, but maybe this was the wildcard) wouldn't qualify
    Dissapointed with Sasha for singing the best part in Russian (the worst version of his song), Zoli sang badly, Greece was as awful as ever, as was Ukraine, Latvia sang badly, and so did Cyprus. Poland was much better than i thought, as was Holland

    Who did you vote for?
    No one (as i couldn't) but i8 would have voted for Lithuania, Hungary (well, i am Hungarian), Estonia, and maybe Denmark or Holland

    Who do you think got the jury wildcard?
    I rekon, Norway or Croatia. I am convinced Norway will fail.

    Anything else to add?
    The BBC coverage was annoying! they didnt even show the recap, instead we got Gayham Norton :o, the hosts were annoying, Norway, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Greece all qualified :@ and they kept reading out marriage proposals/announcements - this is not the place!!!!!!
    And the envelope thing is so fixed! They know the order, coz they frequently show the artist thats about to be reveled before the envelope is opened - ie. Croatia, Malta, Iceland. This is not a coincidence. Plus they always draw out the "winner" first. ie Turkey, Azerbaijan (and Ukraine & Greece last year)
  12. Kevin New Member

    btw (you may not remember, but i do) i said 2 of the baltics would qualify, which they did, and i said 1 of the first 5 would qualify, and they did :P
  13. Euro Sheep, I'm sorry if I made you cry :o I will never mention the wildcards again, we will know in due time who they were :S
  14. Aaron N Moof master

    Are you happy with the results?

    Tbh I only cared if Estonia passed (which they did but I used quite a lot of man towels waiting lmaooo) I’m a bit miffed Norway and Ukraine went through…. I so wanted Holland to pass after their performance :D I’d switch Croatia for Holland but as the sheep as said Igor is fineeeeee so its ok.

    Best performance - worst performance?

    Best its Estonia (duh!) lmao the worst….. Hmmmm there was sooo many…. Serbia, Slovenia and Latvia are Moofistan approved arse gravy :P lmaoo

    Surprised with anyone - disappointed with anyone?

    I’m surprised I liked Holland and Ukraine :o I thought Greece and Norway were rather pants…. But neither will win.

    Who did you vote for?

    I was sending out physic vibes to the voting countries (and harassing Mina :P lmaoo) to vote Estonia.

    Who do you think got the jury wildcard?

    Lithuania, Denmark or Croatia I’m leaning more towards Demark or Croatia has Lithuania had a fair bit of help (Latvia, Ireland, Estonia, etc…)

    Anything else to add?

    Overall the semi was crap, the results were a bit Meh…
    Also jade was played in the Oldham shopping centre today, it started playing just has I left the butty shop with my lunch it’s a sign lmao

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