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Should we introduce semi-finals?


Based on the information in the post below, should we include a semi-final?

There should be 1 semi-final 10 vote(s) 55.6%
There should be 2 semi-finals 5 vote(s) 27.8%
We should never use semi-finals 3 vote(s) 16.7%
  1. c1ask0 Napkin of death holder


    Hi guys. There have been a few discussions about what to do when the number of entries in the escchat contest begins to rise too high.

    The obvious solution is to include a semi-final, but not everybody agrees. However, some people think there should be two semi-finals. Here are our options:

    • 1. We pre-qualify some countries to the final (i.e. the top 10 of the previous contest) and hold 1 semi-final for the remaining participants. If we choose this method we would need to decide how many countries should pre-qualify for the final AND how many should qualify from the semi-final.

    • 2. Each participant (except the previous winner) is put into one of two semi-finals. If we choose this method we would need to decide how many countries should qualify from each semi-final and a suitable method of deciding which country goes into which semi-final.

    With all that in mind I would like to find out what you all think, so please vote in the poll. :)
  2. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    I voted for 1 because I think 2 would mean the contest would get too complicated and confusing :)

    But tbh I dont think we're gonna need them for a long time anyway so I wouldn't worry about it :D
  3. Scheeples ©


    I say that once we reach 28 countries we have ONE semi, with the host and top 9 countries from the previous edition going through.

    Once we reach 37 countries THEN we have TWO semis.
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  4. Jackeroo The Big Unit

    In the event that the number of participants becomes excessive (well over 30), I think 2 semi finals should be used, and the participants of each semi-final be decided at random. That way, everyone gets an equal chance to be in a final.
  5. Kiewen New Member

    i think it is potentially a good thing, but yeah as others have pointed out, its only needed when we get to above say 30 songs..... you would have to have different numbers in the final for different total participants say 30 people enter there are 20 in the final, but if 40 enter there are 25 in the final etc etc!
  6. I voted for 1 semi-final, but not as long as there are less than 31 entries :)
  7. Mina Member with a "past"

    I voted for 1 semi. I think, if we make that decision:
    a. we must decide on the number of countries that will make a semi necessary and
    b. my opinion is that only the last winner must qualify straight to the next final (as long as there is a semi).
  8. kotsios Call me Kots. Potter Kots

    I have to agree with the others. And I don't think we will need a semi until ESC Season starts and more people want to join us. By the way mina, if only the last winner qualifies, won't that mean that the semi will consist of all countries participating except one? That won't really solve the problem of listening to all those songs and having a hard time awarding points...
  9. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    Thats why I think we should use the old esc system where the top 10 countries from the previous year qualify for the final :) Otherwise like you said, it completely defeats the object of having a semi in the first place.
  10. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    33 ENTRIES!!!! :o OK it is great the contest is so popular, but we really do need a semi final in this case :) Still I think its a good thing nonetheless.
  11. c1ask0 Napkin of death holder

    I am happy to team up with the next host in order to find a comfortable solution to the semi-final problem.

    The poll has made it clear that most people would prefer to have a single semi-final. What I propose is that the top ten countries from this contest be allowed straight into the next contest's final. The remaining 23 countries (along with any potential newcomers) would then battle for the remaining 14, 15 or 16 positions in the final, depending on whether there are to be 24, 25 or 26 countries in the final.

    I hope that people agree with this.

    If anyone out there still thinks we should use the current esc semi-final method of splitting everyone into two different semis, then PLEASE TELL ME! :D
  12. Jackeroo The Big Unit

    I would prefer a system similar to the current ESC one and people being split through a random draw in order to give everyone a fair chance of qualifying and everyones songs can be heard twice. I'd only want any semi finals at all if there are repeatedly 30+ songs.
  13. kotsios Call me Kots. Potter Kots

    next time we will definitely need a semi! btw i think 2 semis will just make the contest take too long and tbh i think a contest shouldn't take more than 2 weeks (with a semi probably a bit more than 3)
  14. Jackeroo The Big Unit

    If the semis could possibly be run at the same time, it wouldn't have to take longer.
  15. Eurovizz Member

    How can the semi and grand final take place at the same time???
  16. Jackeroo The Big Unit

    I mean two semi finals at the same time...
  17. kotsios Call me Kots. Potter Kots

    still... i think the system with the 2 semifinals promotes that only victory counts... at least that's what i think/feel... so i think that if someone sends a good song that deserved and got a place in the top 10 they should be rewarded
  18. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    I agree :) It's not the winning that counts, its simply all about having fun, which is where I think the contest went wrong in the past on a couple of occasions ...

    And I don't see the problem either with having a semi final, because even if your song doesn't qualify, its not a big deal. :) We're nice people and its nothing personal, its not as if they're our songs and its just a bit of fun anyway! :D Basically lets enjoy it :D
  19. Jackeroo The Big Unit

    I didn't consider it as rewarding a winner and nobody else, and I was surprised to see that interpretation, but I understand. I don't mind not winning, and I didn't mind coming 22nd last time, but it's not my contest, and others don't share my view, so I'm fine with that. The only way to find out would be to try it for a few editions and take it from there.
  20. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    After thinking hard about this, I realised that I'm against the whole idea of people just signing up purely to enter the contest. The site is escChat - for people to chat. Not just enter contests and not integrate with the rest of us.

    So I'd very much like to reduce the numbers by limiting participation to established regular members. New members are more than welcome to participate once they've actually been here long enough to integrate with us and be part of the site on a regular basis.

    That way the contest will return to being a fun event amongst friends. Like it used to be.

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