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Slampa Del Ano 2009


    Eurovision is certainly full to the brim with skanks, whores, sluts, and slags every year. So much so, we decided last year that we must reward those who demonstrate - with so much precision - the art of slamposity.

    Following the success of last year's event, NNSTVR are proud to present the second annual Slampa Del Año Award! (The Stewart Aitken Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Slamposity)

    These ten shortlisters have been chosen by an expert panel of judges - with each and every one of them bringing something unique and special to the field of slamposity. Their skanky skills and slutty successes must not be forgotten.

    It's evident that Eastern Europe are far more skanky that the West as every contender represented an Eastern European country. The Balkan area of Europe is most heavily represented. I think it's because they like to party. While women tend to lead in the field of slamposity, this year's shortlist has two male - and very camp - contenders. Come out of the closet Sakis. Just saying.

    Martina of Slovenia (the hag behind the picture frame)
    Svetlana of Ukraine (she is so sexy BOM)
    Andrea of Montenegro (the girl with the legs)
    Elena of Romania (she's a Balkan girl and she likes to party)
    Zoli of Hungary (camptastic)
    Hadise of Turkey (the herpes ridden catastrophe)
    Sakis of Greece (that bloke who is too camp for his own good)
    Anastasiya of Russia (the one who ruptured your eardrums)
    Kejsi of Albania (featuring bondage and backing dancers - kinky, eh ;))
    Andrea of Croatia (she orgasmed live on stage)

    Last year's winner, Kalomira, is patiently waiting to pass her crown on to one of the contenders above. Who will it be? It will be up to you lot to help decide the winner - exciting, eh? ;)

    More information will be provided soon.<LINK rel=File-List href="file:///C:%5CDOCUME%7E1%5CSTEWAR%7E1%5CLOCALS%7E1%5CTemp%5Cmsohtml1%5C01%5Cclip_filelist.xml">
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  2. Alex Identified Flying Object

    hemmm sakis and zoli among them?.. that's racistic
    The artist i think the award should go to is Elena of Romania
  3. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    Due to the serious nature of this matter, Black Daisystan just had to hold a national vote on the question in hand.

    People were asked the question, "From this years Eurovision Song Contest held in Moscow, mother Russia, who deserves the Stewart Aitken award for Slamposity, besides himself ofcourse?"

    Voter turnout was a record 342%, which puzzled critics and some people are saying certain members of the public may have voted twice or more. Ofcourse however, this is utterly ridiculous for a developed, free and fair state like Black Daisystan. How dare they question the greatness of our glorious nation. The results were as follows:

    Martina of Slovenia – 0.0%
    Svetlana of Ukraine – 0.0%
    Andrea of Montenegro – 0.0%
    Elena of Romania - 0.0%
    Zoli of Hungary – 0.0%
    Hadise of Turkey – 99.8%
    Sakis of Greece – 0.2%
    Anastasiya of Russia – 0.0%
    Kejsi of Albania – 0.0%
    Andrea of Croatia – 0.0%

    Black Daisystan has spoken.

    NNSTVR and the Slampa Del Año Board would like to thank the glorious nation of Black Daisystan for their response to the announcement of the shortlisters. As much as I would love to be given the award (well deserved as I have put so much hard work and dedication into being a superslampa), the rules clearly state that contenders must have performed at the annual Eurovision Song Contest: something I am yet to do :(

    Rules and voting will be up soon.


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