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Slovenia 2013


    A while ago, RTVSLO announced American-Slovenian Hannah Mancini to be their artist for Malmö. Now they revealed her song 'Straight Into Love'.

    Listen to it here.
  2. Julio STRANGLES

    to much noise for me
  3. sokrates1988 I HATE EUROVISION


    Not a fan either, actually my toilet so far. I really really like the verses, but the chorus is the worst ever. I'd prefer Euro Neuro over that chorus.
  5. Mina Member with a "past"

    Average. It will depend on the performance.
  6. Gian My avatar is fat and frumpy

    I don't like it. It sounds messing and has a bad chorus.
  7. CTP Jass hater

    Well, that was average.
  8. James ... and his things xD

    It isnt wow, but better than some other things i heard so far.
  9. Gian My avatar is fat and frumpy

    In my opinion the refrain shall be improved, adding some more struments and an higher instrumental.
  10. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

    I agree with Nick, most songs have the chorus as the strongest part, but in my opinion this is one of those few examples where verses > chorus
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    Luckily for Slovenia, the ESC audience is forced to sit through the electronic introduction, unless they get up and turn off in their droves. And it doesn't really get better, does it? I don't know the new "arrangements" for performing, but I hope this isn't first. Can't see it qualifying, though, surely?
  12. Norbert Welcome

    i like it :) slovenia for the final :D
  13. OskarEvansBaker New Member

    Not much love for it it in this thread (so far) .....but I agree with Norbert.
    I like it. It makes me nod my head.
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  14. Odin Hallbjarnasson New Member

    Slovenia is great...I noticed that the same "haters" seem to be commenting over and over again. The vast majority...most comments elsewhere and across Europe are very positive. Great song!
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  15. Norbert Welcome

    yeah i also noticed that whatever certain countries send they are always loved and others even if their song is great they are hated...slovenia is very good <3
  16. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

    Final version
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  17. Norbert Welcome

    very underrated song...i love it hope it qualifies <3

    Well this version is better than the original, but that wouldn't have been difficult.

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