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Spain 2018


    Spain is going back to an old love of theirs for 2018. Operación Triunfo, basically Big Brother meets X Factor, is back and one of the five (or more) finalists will represent the Spanish in Lisbon.

    The show will take place on Monday, 29th January at 21:30 WIM. The following nine songs are competing:
  2. Mina Member with a "past"

    Lo Malo is my favourite from these. So, of course, Spain will send one of the others :D
  3. Anaconda I'm as sick as fuck.

    I find it very hard to judge in those audition conditions, without proper instrumentation etc, and I found the level relatively low altogether. If I were to attempt a ranking, it would look something like this:
    1. Alfred - Que Nos Sigan Las Luces
    2. Miriam - Lejos De Tu Piel
    3. Aitana & Ana Guerra - Lo Malo
    4. Agoney & Miriam - Magia
    5. Ana Guerra - El Remedio
    6. Alfred & Amaia - Tu Canción
    7. Aitana - Arde
    8. Amaia - Al Cantar
    9. Aitana, Amaia, Alfred, Ana Guerra & Miriam - Camina
    1-3 are somewhat nice. 4-6 are alright. 7-8 are boring. 9 is just horrid (all adjectives understood in the context of a low bar to begin with).
  4. Genesis2703 Pointless

    :es:Operacion Triunfo Top 9 :es:
    1. Miriam - Lejos De Tu Piel
    2. Aitana - Arde
    3. Alfred & Amaia - Tu Canción
    4. Aitana & Ana Guerra - Lo Malo
    5. Amaia - Al Cantar
    6. Alfred - Que Nos Sigan Las Luces
    7. Ana Guerra - El Remedio
    8. Agoney & Miriam - Magia
    9. Aitana, Amaia, Alfred, Ana Guerra & Miriam - Camina
    As Ana said above it is pretty hard to tell how these will be tomorrow night. I haven't paid much attention to the process but I'm pretty unimpressed with the quality here. Most of the songs sound old-fashioned and half of them really don't sound like they suit the person singing them....

    EDIT: Apparently the studio versions are out and have a lot more production. The above ranking just uses those horrible audition videos.

    1. Miriam - Lejos De Tu Piel
    2. Alfred & Amaia - Tu Canción
    3. Miriam & Agoney - Magia
    4. Ana Guerra & Aitana - Lo Malo
    5. Ana Guerra - El Remedio
    6. Aitana - Arde
    7. Alfred - Que Nos Sigan Las Luces
    8. Amaia - Al Cantar
    9. The group - Camina
  6. LukeFuller Xinzo De Limia

    My country has chosen the wrong song as usual except for 2016. I don't usually like Spanish music and if I had to choose one from this bunch of horrible songs, I'd pick 'Arde'. Disappointed again .
  7. James ... and his things xD

    To be honest: they were all bad. Spain would have been in the last 5 anyway with any of the songs.
  8. LukeFuller Xinzo De Limia

    You are completely right, James. We will send the Spanish version of Jahn Teigen & Anita Skorgan's Adieu from 1982. I couldn't care less about these lovebirds. How embarrassing!!!!!

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