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Television image quality

  1. ishel New Member

    It seemed to me that there was a problem with the big screen used behind the main stage, in regard to the TV broadcast. Generally the broadcast picture was crystal clear, except when the camera was front-on to the stage and the main backdrop was the big screen. The effect was to pixellate the entire image, including the artists on stage in front of the screen. Whoever puts on Eurovision next year needs to learn from this and use a different screen technology.

    I found the show difficult to watch at times, the image was so bad - and I have a top quality Samsung LED LCD Full-HD TV, so it's not my equipment playing up. The image was great except when the big screen was in the background.

    Any technical-minded folks able to comment on this will be appreciated...
  2. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    I watched on BBC HD and thought the picture quality was excellent with no pixellation at all.
  3. Erixi Member

    I didn't have any problems either with SVT, maybe it's your broadcaster?
  4. ishel New Member

    Hmmmm, so it's not a general problem; I thought with HD digital you either got the signal or you didn't, unlike with analogue TV where a poor signal can deteriorate the image. Seems not. I'll contact my local broadcaster. Thanks for the feedback, folks - and any further thoughts from anyone else are still appreciated!
  5. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    Bitrates, compression, muxing etc all affect picture quality, regardless of the fact it's digital. If your broadcaster doesn't have enough bandwidth, the quality will suffer.
  6. MaicoNL New Member

    I got the SVT HD recordings and they're beautiful but the LCD wall ofcourse uses very large pixels being spaced apart and during closeups like some part of the song Caroban you could clearly see the individual coloured pixels. I think that was maybe meant to be that way.
  7. dan Bald Member

    I'd suggest buying the Blu-Ray of the contest. then you'll experience the full HD feed :)
  8. MaicoNL New Member

    HD on TV means the lower HD version (720p). Do you think the Bluray uses a 1080p source ?

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