•   days until the Eurovision Song Contest Final in Rotterdam!

Thank You? You're Welcome!

  1. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    And so we begin the period of extra time which I didn't expect, but anyway here we are with me hosting an additional edition.

    #25: Thank You
    #26: You're Welcome

    Song submission is open now and will close Friday 12th August. Songs should be revealed that weekend with voting in the semifinal open until Friday 19th August with semi results the next day.

    Voting in the final will commence after the semi show until Wednesday 24th August with final results on Saturday 27th August.

    I'm sorry if these dates are incompatible with anybody but they're final, this contest needs to be done and dusted as quickly as possible for the sake of my health.

    P.S. As with the last time I hosted without participating in a regular edition (#11), I retain voting rights again. I would've done in E2 after winning E1 but couldn't because the songs were anonymous but I knew who sent each one, so it wouldn't have been fair.

    Thank you. And thank you to everyone who voted for me in #25. I did really appreciate the victory, even if it's given me more work to do :P.
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    Yes, as I recall jw saying in the run-up to #25, "the whole idea about quitting is to actually quit" so the fact he's got another one to do leaves me with mixed feelings again. This will, of course be a very different production, and hopefully we'll get the idea of the type of show we might be able to produce, without all the bells and whistles.

    Thank you jw. Don't make yourself ill; it's not worth it. And come on the rest of you, make it as painless as possible; do everything in good time without him having to keep asking.

    This REALLY IS the last one.:o
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