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The Randocratic Republic of Novterbia

  1. Madwolfy New Member


    Novterbia is not a rich country, nor is it a powerfull one, but the Novterbian
    people remain proud of their heritage. One of the reasons it is not particularly
    rich is because many people in Novterbia are simply lazy.

    -The population is approximatly 5 million [there is beleived to be a large Novterbian diaspora]
    -The currency is the moola (ჭ)
    -The national anthem is 'Tunak Tunak Tun'
    -The national dance is the Nor Par
    -The national food is Pizza (and several varieties of bread)
    -The national sport is Hornussen [a swiss sport]
    -The capital is San Novtember
    -The time zone is "microwave" time/GMT. Which is displayed on the national microwave in the kitchen of a government building.

    Novterbia is a landlocked country with many mountains and valleys.
    Below is the map showing de jure Novterbia in dark red, and the land the glorious nation of Novterbia claims to be Novterbian in bright red:
    the bright red is not under Novterbian control, nor is the Novterbian government (necessarily) taking actions to take control of said territories. Novterbia simply beleives they belong to her and that one day these historically Novterbian territories will be re-integrated with the motherland.
    Furnyland demanded we renounce our claims on 'their' land, so the issue was brought forward to random.org who instructed we apologise and renounce the claims.

    Regions of Novterbia
    -Novtember [purple]
    This is a very hilly place with temperate weather, in some parts it is very green, like, mega-green. Some parts of the region, however, are described as being 'always autumn' with leaves falling everywhere, sometimes from the sky, making leaf-raking a lucrative buisness.
    Most of the settlements are either fortress towns/on hills or by the rivers.
    San Novtember, the capital, is a fortress town.
    -Septistan [red]
    Septistan is simular to Novtember but is more industrialised, and the most populous region as well as home to the largest city: Happysinki.
    -Vostokia / Boстокия [orange]
    Vosktokia is cold and mountainous and is the least populous region, it has glaciers and lots of snow. It is home to the ethnic Antarktikans [see below].

    -The majority are ethnic Novterbians
    -Romani/Gypsies make up 1/32nd of the population
    -Vosktokia is populated by ethnic Antarktikans [who speak Russian] and is sort of a nation in it's own right, though Antarktikans and Novterbians generally consider each other to be close brothers

    -Russian is the language used by Antarktikans
    -Romani is spoken by the Gypsies
    -English and French are the second languages of preference, though usually French is chosen
    -Portugese is spoken by some small communities
    -Armenian is the main language

    Outside of Vostokia, which uses the cyrillic alphabet, writing is either written in Armenian or in 'kumber script'

    Politics in a representitive democratic randocratic republic
    A randocracy is a government where decisions are made at random, for example, selecting a group of possible choices and then rolling a dice or using random.org to decide from those.
    A representitive randocracy is where the chances of a certain outcome is based on the proportion of the population/senate voting for that option.
    For example, in a presidential election, if one candidate has 55% of the vote and the other has 40%, the first candidate does not automatically win but instead is 15% more likely to win.
    Each region has a small amount of autonomy and the heads of state/government are the president and senate. On many decisions, referendums will be held.

    Novterbia has set down a tram/light rail system in all it's major cities, and many smaller places and in between said places.
    Airships and dirigibles are also widely used.

    Album: http://www.escchat.com/album.php?albumid=21
  2. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    lol Black Daisystan definitely loves Novterbia! :D
  3. You're claiming part of Furnyland is actually yours?! :o Oh well...it's your funeral :D

    But seriously, love the country :) especially the flag and alphabet!
  4. calrisle Scrutineer

    ...FURNeral, maybe? No? Fine.
  5. ollie2283 jedan sam čekao je ovdje!

    Haha u all got pawned - i only got 2cm of my country he nicked *i swear to god i take an inch more i will blow ure ass up*
  6. Madwolfy New Member


    and of course: *applauses*

    That 2cm squared bit of land is a vital strategic area in the Novterbian struggle;)
  7. Kiewen New Member

    how did i only just realise that the continent is australia upside down with germany stuck in for good measure......

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