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Themed nights!


Are the 'themed nights' a good idea?

Poll closed 19th April 2009.
YES! They are a GREAT idea! 8 vote(s) 100.0%
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    Several of us on the chat have decided that on the run-up to the Eurovision final, we're going to have themed nights dedicated to each participating country. Each night will be dedicated and themed around the country chosen, and we aim just to have a load of fun (as per usual!)

    The running order for themed nights will be announced LIVE on April 5th at 8.15pm GMT. The link will be posted on the chat for those who want to watch the draw.

    4 countries have already been allocated their position (because Mina is demanding and bossy :P). They were decided randomly by members of the chat on the 4th of April and all was done according to escChat.com rules and regulations :P. THERE WAS NO CHEATING AND THE DRAW WAS COMPLETELY FAIR! (to please Mina!)

    It was decided that Denmark would place 5th, Germany would place 23rd, and Ireland would place 38th in the running order. It was also decided that the first themed night would be dedicated to ANDORRA and this will take place on the evening of the 5th of April at 8pm GMT on the escChat.com chatroom. During the draw, I will be dressed in traditional Andorran attire (LMAO, what do they wear in Andorra!?) and I advise that you do something Andorran too :D. In the chat, we would like the chatters to change their flag to the Andorran flag and wish each other A HAPPY ANDORRAN DAY! Furthermore, you should also learn a little Catalan - "El meu aerolliscador està ple d'anguiles!"

    So, anyway, we're doing this simply as a fun little run-up to the ESC final in Moscow on the 16th of May. Remember, the official draw will begin at 8.15pm GMT on Sunday, 5th of April and the blogTV link will be posted on the chat nearer that time. And remember it will be Andorran night!

    (Apart from destruct!)

  2. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    stew its ur moment in the spotlight tonight!!! :D This could be your big break!!!

    Happy andorra day and: M'encanten els elefants!!! :P
  3. Mina Member with a "past"

    They are a great idea;)
  4. "what do they wear in Andorra!?" Try a "bullidor" :)
  5. Aaron N Moof master

    its stews time to shine :D (only cos you threw a massive tantrum to get it lmao!!)

    andorra feliç dia a tot vostè gent de mooftastic fora d'allà!! work that one out :D :D

    LMAO Stewy gets what he WANTS!

    lmao I'm not very good at my Catalan :D But something tells me that you mentioned 'mooftastic' lmao. What does moof even mean!!!???

    andorra felic dia obviously means happy andorra day..... and then something about mooftastic people? lmao
  7. ollie2283 jedan sam čekao je ovdje!

    OMG HOW DARE you use blogtv - that was my idea for the chat in the first place :o
    - and btw blogtv rules have changed so when making an account make sure your all above 16 - or it wont let you watch people above 16! :S
  8. ollie2283 jedan sam čekao je ovdje!

    if ukraine come 18th we know there is some form of cheating there :D
    why is there always a nordic country at slot no 5 or a 5th place - every year ( 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 - 2002 was a crap yr so its ok - 2001) its a esc fix!!!
  9. Mark New Member

    I've already wished everyone a Happy Andorra Day on esctoday articles !! :D:D

    muwahahahahahahahahaha Andorra is simply thee best country !! Does that mean we can only listen to songs from Andorra tonight ?? ( If so, it's gonna be a quite night! :D )
  10. Mark New Member

    Stew - You could wear something 1/2 Spanish and 1/2 French ...and draw a tiny dot on your head? or you could be a mountian ... or a skiier ... or some booze with cannabis in, a bent sign, a cow on a building site, kate ryan on the radio, a egale or what ever symbol is on their flag ... or you could dress like Andorra 2005 with all the feathers... or dress like a kettle !! :D:D oooooooooooooooooooh Casanova !!
  11. Mark New Member

    Oooooooooooooo !! I just had a brill idea !!

    Right ... Each Night we all like vote for our fav songs from the that country, ie. Tongith we vote for our favs from that country, or from the 2000+ period. Like 12,10,8,7,6 blah blah... and then at the end ... we have all the winners for each country in like one super dooper ESC !! :D:D
  12. Mark New Member

    Aaron helped to develop the idea, ie making the super dooper ESC ... very mooftastic idea Aaron !! :D
  13. Stewart SOD ME HARD AND FAST

    OMG YES WE ARE TOTALLY DOING THAT! (btw I dn't have a costume yet lmao but ive hooked up 2 webcams and I have all the countries in a bowl lmao)
  14. Mark New Member

    YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY !! THis is just gonna be all too mooftastic !! :D:D I'm already listening to Andorra's songs ... and have some ... interesting covers ... I'll post links later ... GOD BLESS ANDORRA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Mark New Member

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