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Tiralonia sends Free Spirit to Campo Grande!

  1. Entario Junior Member

    It has never been a secret, that the staff at the Tiralonian broadcaster RTBT didn't condone the Escchat.com Song Contest. Due to steadily dropping ratings over the past few years, President of RTBT stepped down and along with him most of the current staff. Wonderful news came to the Tiralonian people as new President of the TV-Station announced that they would be coming back full force after the departure of the last members of staff. RTBT confirmed their participation in the Escchat.com Song Contest as first step on their way to success! Much to the joy of the people of the small country! :D

    A grand spectacle of a show was held in the capital of Livithion, after more than 500 songs were submitted to RTBT. An amazing amount, and a clear sign that Tiralonians were eager to enter the contest for the first time.

    10 songs were picked internally to compete in the grand show, which in the end was won by Free Spirit with their song "Until the Night" A song that takes you back to the times of classic and careless rock :)

    Good luck Free Spirit! Do us proud ;)

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