•   days until the Eurovision Song Contest Final in Liverpool!

Top 10 as voted for by YouTube users.

  1. Chris Jantzen New Member

    As described in the video, I have watched 40 of the "My Top 10" style Eurovision videos on YouTube, from these I have used the positions to score each song in the same style as Eurovision and have compiled a Top 10 with an eventual winner. The YouTube users who made the videos are from across Europe and so this may reflect a similar voting pattern to the actual final.

    The numbers in orange are the eventual scores when added together. The songs in positions 4 & 5 have the same points but the song in the number 4 position received votes from more users than the other.

    Personally I would like Hungary to win but we will wait and see :)
  2. Liam Esterran.

    I wouldn't object to my Getter being in first place at all :)
  3. n.echelon between heaven and hell

    love it ;)
    even though i prefer sweden (just one point!)
  4. juanfry New Member

    spain the best
  5. ETVable Everything is TVable

    I think it's going to be the closest Eurovision for years and may be decided by the final few juries.
  6. daniels New Member

    Estonia in final 24 ?
    Doesn't sound weird ?

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