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Turkey 2012

  1. mrvirgo Active Member

    Can Bonomo will represent Turkey in Baku.
    Song will be announced later.
  2. dan Bald Member

    Not sure what to make of this choice. I thought I would be very disappointed that we don't have a big name like Atiye but knowing TRT, I had a feeling we would again be surprised.

    So I searched him into YouTube as he's not a singer I am familar with and I expected some 45 year old rock singer with a moustache but far from it, this guy is actually very modern, I like his style of music. The only thing I am disappointed about is the fact that he will most likely sing in Turkish.

  3. Julio STRANGLES

    his style and that specific song, the start, reminds me of Panic! At The Disco, and as all know im am huge fan of them :D so this could be a good sign :D
  4. Freakazoid AGOG.
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    I also have researched him on YouTube and I'm afraid he sounds a bit ethnic for me. (Runs and hides :notsure:)
  6. Julio STRANGLES

    But its Male Janet :o

    Ofc if it was a female and "ethnic" that would be even worse
  8. Mina Member with a "past"

    I don't like him, his music is too strange for me, but I'll wait for the song.
  9. Julio STRANGLES

    You and you things

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  10. Lilly.. Y U NO ALIEN?

    Uhm ,I don't really like that song .. maybe the song for ESC will be kinda different and I might end up liking it. But right now ? Nope.
  11. Ljupco Active Member

    Actually, I am looking forward to hearing the Turkish entry
  12. I'm optimistic as well, at least they're trying something different this year than a rock band or some cheap tart with a tinny, faux-ethnic "My Number One" rip-off.
  13. sibel New Member

    Ok this guy is unknown to turks, and he was a big surprise now all we know is his jewish family came to turkey from italy/spain many years ago, he is 24 years old quite nice and a lovely person. My country tries to send different entries our entry and show in 2003 made many countries to send songs/shows like it but next year we didn't repeat it and sent a ska song with some turkish sound in it. i don't wanna talk about 2005 and 2006 coz i really dislike these songs . In 2007 we tried rnb , 2008 turkish rock (many countries never dared to send a rock song and it is easier for us to get votes with a pop song than a rock one) in 2009 we went for a pop song with many turkish elements that was what turkish people needed , almost all turks loved dum tek tek in 2010 we went for a rock band again but this time not a pure rock like 2007 and something pop- rock with our national instruments. our broadcaster has a rule which says entries can be in any style but must always include turkish sound at the end this contest is to show countries music culture somehow. and lastly in 2011 trt was about to send a pop singer but they couldnt agree and at the last minute they sent a rock band that people didnt support and first time we stayed in the semis, this year we were thinking we are gonna send a well known name but many singers aren't interested in esc and suddenly trt decided on can bonomo, his style is totally different than all esc singers and again it will be a different entry by turkey, we didnt choose to play it safe and send a cute girl/guy with a pop song this shows we don't join to get a good place but to show europe different styles of turkish music industry :D whatever others say we did good things in this contest and many times got good results, thank u to everyone who appreciated our songs and voted for them, Though Turkish people aren't so interested in esc and there are few Turkish esc fans i hope this year Can will make 80 million Turks to be proud of his song and performance, good luck to him:)
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  14. sibel New Member

    dan atiye isn't a big star in turkey just she was so interested in esc and thats why people were supporting her
  15. mrvirgo Active Member

    o_O maybe she is too young to be a big star,but it will be unfair,if we say she wanted to go to eurovision thats why she got support from public.With her huge hit songs,she is one of the most popular female pop singer now in Turkey.I think he mean that.
    And about Can Bonomo first i got suprised a lot of heard his name but now im pretty sure that its a good decision.He told that his grand-grand-grand..parents came from Spain nearly 600 years ago thats the story about him .For me the most important thing is he wants to bring something original and different to eurovision.So im looking forward to hear his song now:D
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  16. dan Bald Member

    I think TRT will not send another female for a good few years. According to them, Hadise's music video for Dum Tek Tek was raunchy and they therefore banned it from release as the preview clip. This still bothers them I think and that's why year after year now we have male rock groups/artists.

    I hope TRT will soon 'get over it' and again start sending women to ESC, its quite discriminating of them to keep ignoring female singers who are clearly interested in representing their country in the contest.
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  17. sibel New Member

    Dan trt offered to Sebnem ferah and Atiye for esc and they are both female singers, sebnem told she is pregnant from her boyfriend cenk akyol and atiye asked for too much money...

    Yeah Dan, that's telling you! (And escXtra!) :o (This is a supportive message btw :court:)
  19. James ... and his things xD

    I read the song will be revealed on february 22nd, so thats next wednesday!
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    Oh :( I was really excited about hearing this for the first time and I am rather disappointed.

    But then I didn't like Tooji on first hearing either...

    And I know my eyes are going, but that stage looked a bit 'busy' for Eurovision.

    Maybe it will grow on me.

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