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Voting order

  1. Mina Member with a "past"

    1. San Marino (John Kennedy O'Connor)
    2. Sweden (Yohio)
    3. Albania (Andri Xhahu)
    4. Holland (Cornald Maas)
    5. Austria (Kati Bellowitsch)
    6. United Kingdom (Scott Mills)
    7. Israel (Ofer Nachshon)
    8. Serbia (Maja Nikolic)
    9. Ukraine (Matias)
    10. Hungary (Éva Novodomszky)
    11. Romania (Sonia Argint)
    12. Moldova (Olivia Furtuna)
    13. Azerbaijan (Tamilla Shirinova)
    14. Norway (Tooji)
    15. Armenia (Andre)
    16. Italy (Federica Gentile)
    17. Finland (Kristiina Wheeler)
    18. Spain (Inés Paz)
    19. Belarus (Darya Domracheva)
    20. Latvia (Anmary)
    21. Bulgaria (Joana Dragneva)
    22. Belgium (Barbara Louys)
    23. Russia (Alsou)
    24. Malta (Emma Hickey)
    25. Estonia (Rolf Roosalu)
    26. Germany (Lena)
    27. Iceland (Maria Sigrun Hilmarsdottir)
    28. France (Marine Vignes)
    29. Greece (Andriana Magania)
    30. Ireland (Nicky Byrne)
    31. Denmark (Sofie Lassen-Kalhke)
    32. Montenegro (Ivana Sebek)
    33. Slovenia (Andrea F)
    34. Georgia (Liza Tsiklauri)
    35. F.Y.R. Macedonia (Dimitar Atanasovski)
    36. Cyprus (Loukas Hamatsos)
    37. Croatia (Uršula Tolj)
    38. Switzerland (Mélanie Freymond)
    39. Lithuania (Ignas Krupavicius)
    Well, this is interesting. My biggest question about this order is why Cyprus votes so late. Someone could argue that Greece won the jury vote but I doubt it :P The countries that usually get points from Cyprus (except Greece) are ex soviets (many immigrants there) so I wonder if that's an indication that Russia or Ukraine or Azerbaijan have won the jury vote. My reasoning is that because all 3 songs (in my opinion) will be voted by juries in general, they will get a reasonably high average score from countries like Cyprus, where they usually do well in televoting, too. The fact that the last country to vote is an ex soviet reinforces that opinion. Of course, all this is just speculation and I could be way off.
    Another thing I noticed is that the Scandinavians are strategically placed far from one another. Sweden 2nd, Norway 14th, Denmark 31st. If we add Iceland and Finland to that (although not strictly Scandinavian) we get 17th and 27th. So , basically we get a Scandinavian country voting every 10 countries or so. That could be pointing to a Norwegian or Danish win (the obvious winner is Denmark, being the last big favourite to vote but it could also be Norway and its victory could be sealed by a Danish 12).
    Finally, another likely winner I see with this order (jury winner at least) is Italy as I can easily see Switzerland giving high points to Italy and the same goes for those ex yugos near the end.
    Of course, there are countries it's hard to account for like Holland or Germany since they don't really belong to some voting block. For all I know, Lithuania could give 12 pts to one of them and everything I've written could be wrong :P
  2. Seoirse96 New Member

    Wow...I think you might be over-analysing a little :P haha

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