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What a great tag line

  1. Martin New Member

    I think that "Feel your heart beat" is a great tag line for Eurovision's 2011 show. I personally get very emotional when I see the countries of Europe collaborating in peaceful endeavours such as this. I get excited when I see my country sing (United Kingdom - although I now live in USA) and I love to watch and judge the performances of all of the other competitors. I also get very nervous and my heart begins to beat faster and faster when I watch the same countries judge the performances that have taken place. It is usually so erratic and so charming and mystifying at the same time. I also watch the fortunes of our neighbours (i.e. France, Ireland) and enjoy seeing all of the artists receive recogntion for their hard work. So much so that I used to feel sad when Norway used to receive nul points. Everyone deserves something for their efforts. This year I like Uk (of course), Romania (Hotel FM-Change), Hungary (What about my heart?), Azerbaijan (Running Scared), Holland (never alone) and feel that, generally speaking, the standard is pretty high! Looking forward to May at watching the whole shebang on Eurovision.tv online.
    Best to all,
    Martin Milner, formerly of Derby, UK, now New Jersey, USA

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