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what i think about the songs

  1. Norbert Welcome

    Eurovision 2013
    1:de:(great song,voice-possible winner)
    2:no:(great poprock,voice-possible winner)
    3:dk:(great song voice-possible winner)
    4:ua:(great song,voice-possible winner)
    5:sm:(best entry san marino ever sent)
    6:si:(i love this dance song)
    7:it:(very romantic and relaxing music-possible winner)
    8:rs:(love this girl group)
    9:se:(i like the chorus of the song)
    10:ie:(great song)
    11:mt:(very nice and sweet)
    12:md:(i like it)
    13:ru:(not very original but good)
    14:ge:(not very original but good)
    15:at:(not very original but good)
    16:by:(not very original but good)
    17:il:(i like the voice mostly)
    18:uk:(average song)
    19:fr:(bit old genre but good)
    20:az:(expected more)
    21:fi:(its good but i dont think itll stand out)
    22:ch:(its ok)
    23:mk:(its ok)
    24:nl:(i like the voice mostly)
    25:lt:(not bad-non qualifier i think)
    26:es:(not a fan of this song)
    27:ee:(i dont like it-non qualifier)
    28:cy:(very slow song-non qualifier)
    29:bg:(not bad)
    30:me:(better than last year but still non qualifier i think)
    31:am:(i dont like it-non qualifier)
    32:is:(too boring-non qualifier)
    33:gr:(one of the worst greek songs-non qualifier)
    34:al:(not good-non qualifier)
    35:ro:(i dislike the voice and old fashioned song-non qualifier)
    36:lv:(weak song-non qualifier)
    37:hr:(i doubt groups like this make success-non qualifier)
    38:hu:(dislike voice,song,style-non qualifier)
    39:be:(very bad live and weak song-non qualifier)
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  2. Marc Member

    I'm not very happy about our entry this year, not a winner, but it is nice to see that a few people likes it ;)
  3. Norbert Welcome

    im a huge fan of cascada <3 i love :)
  4. Allen Member

    France is so underrated
  5. sokrates1988 I HATE EUROVISION

    France is my 4th
  6. Allen Member

    My 1st ;)

    Its classy, isnt a Eurovision song, cause it different sounds, i hope i'll hear it in a Chanel or Givenchy Fragrance Spot xD
  7. Norbert Welcome

    really? some ppl told me its too overrated on my ranking hahah
  8. Allen Member

    Yes, how no? Coming from fans of Euro Pop-Dance songs, people who every year like the same Type of song :S.
  9. sissel kvamme Active Member

    I have also France as my number 4th in my finally list, love that song !!

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