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When will contest take place?

  1. c1ask0 Napkin of death holder

    Hi guys,

    I'm keen to take part again but I won't get internet access until 8th October.

    What kind of time frame are we looking at, if anyone knows?

    Any info would be helpful so I don't enter if I won't be able to vote. :)

    P.S. Congrats Krissu and tx for having taste and liking my song. ;D
  2. Dingo "Who's Online" page Fan#1

    It might be daft.. buuuutttt.... if you're not going to have internet, then why post your question in the internet? You also managed to see the scoreboard was up rather quickly! ;)

    Anyway, if you can read this: no idea about #19 schedule yet. Not much has been said. JW seems a little busy, but I think otherwise people are keen to get it going. If you want I can text you when details go public.

    Also, I hope you saw my latest article about the Hatican City!

  3. Estêvão Did you ever know that you're (JW) my hero

    From what I heard from KJI himself, he's just waiting for info from the winner (Krissu), before posting a page for Edition 19. Things needed like a logo, theme and other such wonderful things.
  4. Kristiina sxesov q.f

    And now he has got the information, so no worries, people. Relax!
  5. Eurovizz Member

  6. Yes Vizzy :) but apparently I'm not one of you :S
  7. Julio STRANGLES

    me neither annet

    I am one of the lost ones:P YAY:P If I was only that small....
  9. ;)
  10. Eurovizz Member

    What do you mean Anette :D
  11. Arben The Flag Lover

    this couildnt be a better time, on sunday i will watch the very last episode of LOST and now you come up with this, i cant describe how much i thank you for that, i guess i already died in season two in your Lost photo (season 6) though :D:D:D
  12. Congratulations and lots of love once more to Kristonia :) a well deserved win!

    Also, another massive round of applause for our Dear Leader Comrade Supreme Commander for yet again interpreting the theme so artfully and succinctly!

    Long live Furnyland and PRAISE BE TO JUCHE™!
  13. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    Thank you young comrade in our fine communist satellite of SHEEPMARK.

    After Krissu suggested a theme of "Lost", the idea for the logo just came naturally to me. I could only choose 15 people, and apart from our resident crossdressers/transsexuals (Dingo and Jonny), I didn't feel comfortable putting male heads on female bodies (or the reverse). Hence why I could not include everyone in the logo, so if you didn't make it into the logo please do not be offended :P
  14. Liam Esterran.

    q.f I am highly offended.
  15. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

  16. Vizzy, at first sight I thought me and Mina were the only ones left out and it saddened me :o
  17. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    I wanted to include you Anette but you never gave us a good quality photo of yourself so how could I? :S
  18. No offence taken ;) (The last photo was a bit better though but quality ... hmm no, it was taken in a lift ;D)
  19. Dingo "Who's Online" page Fan#1

    That's what I said JW :P And it's the reward for those of us who have horrible photos of us posted everywhere!
  20. Dingo "Who's Online" page Fan#1

    Oh, btw then, so we know the song submission phase is 24th Sep 2010 - 30th Sep 2010, but I think what Chris wanted to have an idea of is when the voting windows will be open so he knows that if he enters he won't find himself in a position not able to vote. So, do we have an idea about this or shall I just let him know submission is open but we can't guarantee the as-yet-unconfirmed voting windows?

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