•   days until the Eurovision Song Contest Final in Israel!


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6th January 2010
10th May 2009
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19th May 1989 (Age: 30)
Belgrade, Serbia
student, here: Bashing Rybak :P

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New Member, Male, 30, from Belgrade, Serbia

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6th January 2010
    1. Luis DLC
      Moja Markovi :)
    2. Scheeples
      Federer goes without saying :D he must win everything until he retires! And I would love to believe Ivanovic has a shot at winning but she's gonna face Venus :(
    3. Scheeples
      Azarenka or Wozniacki FTW!!! :D We (or at least I) don't wanna all Williams final!
    4. Arben
      yaaay...heheh well i thought u expected that, at least after the promotion :D
    5. c1ask0
      Marko. Do you have MSN? If you do could you add me? I am chrise_thebest@hotmail.com :D
    6. Luis DLC
      USA Calling...12 points go to...your cool pics :D
    7. Arben
      Zdravo, heheh my first friend inventation from a serbian :D
      thats what i call piece and should be a sign to the outern world :):)
    8. Eurovizz
      oh, how cool !!:D:D No Srbija Cafe here in Oslo, lol :(
    9. Patte
      Ofc :P I like trees <3 they are so slamptastic :)
    10. c1ask0
      :O Are you a secret Daz Sampson liker? What about Isis? She would come and slap you with rage, but she's too nice to do that to you. :p

      Also, did you notice that Isis and Prikhodko BOTH got draw #10 in the final? :D
    11. Jonny
      Dazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!! Why Marko, what did you learn at school today, thats what the teachers used to say!!!!! :p
    12. Stine Mendez
      Meh...I dont know. Maybe. The contest is over now, maybe I´ll wait for next year to make profile number 6. :D
    13. Stine Mendez
      We were all banned today, Marko....:D
      You, me, and TK...That makes five times for me...
    14. Stine Mendez
      LOL, yeah I made a new profile, but the moderators are a bunch of losers, and I know they will ban me again anyway, so...
      Anyhoo, good to see you here, my anti-crisis son! Hope you´re being a good boy, you know I can´t watch out for you all the time...! ;)
      BIG hug from mummy:P

      PS: get msn, Marko....!!! lol
    15. Mark
      ROFLROFLROFL !! I heard about that !! :D I have no idea why I was banned :D
    16. Mark
      MARKO !!!!! ROOOOOOOOOOFL I don't wanna (Putin) Leave, but it's my destiny ... I think everyone is banned from Esctoday now :D:D How are you !?!?! I haven't spoken to you in AGES !!
    17. c1ask0
      Yey!!! Now we can talk about Isis Gee everyday! hehe
      Also, I even like Mamo now, a little bit, if I try. 8-D
      (by the way, I am Chris Ellaby from esctoday.com)
    18. Stine Mendez
      Marko!! :D:D:D
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    19th May 1989 (Age: 30)
    Belgrade, Serbia
    student, here: Bashing Rybak :P
    Sports, Goeography, Mountains, Eurovision (recent ESC interests: Polish entries, Prikhodko :D)
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