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Exit Poll 108

  1. sokrates1988 Well-Known Member

    jw has kindly asked me to do the exit poll for this corker of a cracking edition, Thanks jw :up:

    Send your answers here

    Eyes down for a full house

    Question 1 Who will carry off the crown ?

    Question 2 Who will be the top 3 ?

    Question 3 Who will be sat on the Khazi next saturday night ?

    Question 4 Bonnie Tyler is having her 4th go at Glory, will she crack the top 5 again ? Yes or No

    Question 5 Who will win the France battle Egelivia,Virdensof, or San Minino

    Question 6 Flippy is the grand host of this edition, will she do her nation proud by finishing in the top 10 on home soil ? Yes or No

    Question 7 Will Gunec manage a Hattrick of Bogs ?

    Question 8 Finally who will win the old Fogey grandad cup ( ie who will do the worst out of our Pensioners) Polusa Imperio Stokkanslandet or Yugosokia

    Good luck all and i will close the poll at 11pm on friday night and ill talk to you all very soon :geek:
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  2. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    Compulsory for CTP and Merjan and recommended for the rest of you.
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  3. sokrates1988 Well-Known Member


    question 1 Inspireland 8 Balunistan Technika

    question 2 Inspireland 9 Technika 4 Virdensof 3 Balunistan 5 Sarnavia 2 Nortuga Egelivia Sota Yugosokia Tildemarte Flippy Jamoukovia

    Question 3 Nigaristan 5 Villa badia 2 Eunecta 2 Sota

    Question 4 Yes 2 No 8 (cheek)

    Question 5 Egelivia 4 Virdensof 4 San Minino 2

    Question 6 Yes 8 No 2

    Question 7 Yes 4 No 6

    Question 8 Polusa Imperio 3 Yugosokia 4 Stokkanslåndet 3

    Thanks to all those who took part and good luck tomorrow night :up:
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  4. Merjan What a SHITTY avatar

    :o :o
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