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Finland 2018


    Saara Aalto has been selected by Finland to represent them in Lisbon. The singer had already tried to win the NF twice, but only rose to great fame in 2016. She then took part in X Factor UK, where she took second place.

    She'll be singing three songs in UMK 2018. We know she's been working with Swedish composers Linnea Deb and Thomas Gson.

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  2. sokrates1988 I will speak to you all very soon

    No songwriters in Finland then :(
  3. Merjan FRO Scottish Hagbitch

  4. sokrates1988 I will speak to you all very soon

    Couldnt agree more
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  5. adamacs RUTH DAVIDSON FOR PM.

    No can do chandlier justice, except your Sia, eh Merjan
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  6. Merjan FRO Scottish Hagbitch

    Oh, you've changed your justin into justice; how disappointing.

    Nevertheless, obv PAAF. (And I was thinking more about the X Factor reject rather than the song.)
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