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Syphoria 32

  1. swissBoy Active Member

    Hey hey beautiful people :D

    Well, this time Syphoria decided to go go go:whistle: back to alternative rock. It's an american band and the song is in english ofc :P. This song wasn't supposed to be sent in this edition but I liked so much that it just couldn't wait The song is recent and just out of curiosity, it was co-written by members of a previous winning band of this contest. The video is very simple but just perfect that way :)

    Enough information for now...hope you enjoy it ;)

    Well that's me, jw and HGF BAS. What about everyone else?:D
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  3. Julio STRANGLES

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  4. Julio STRANGLES

    hello, nice to meet you, to enter the chat room you need to go to the bar of it and press enter, if it doesn't let you try to clean your browser history/cache, but at moment it is empty, people start coming arround 20pm uk time, as for the contest to be able to take part you need to come to chat often to get the aproval to take part as it is a friend contest, and thats pretty much it.
  5. Julio STRANGLES

    you just need to clean cache, the chat comes as a pop up window when you press to enter chat
  6. sevkot escChat.com's oldest member

    You know some time you've got to surprise us a little bit teenage mutant ninja turtle :P anyways, i wish you good luck in the contest for the last time until june :P rampapapam
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