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icelandic girl

icelandic girl
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27th January 2012
7th June 2009
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icelandic girl

Member, Female, from Iceland

Sá einn sem ferðast, finnur nýjar leiðir :) 16th August 2011

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27th January 2012
    1. icelandic girl
      Please answer my weird question :
      When you make a sandwic with ham and cheese, wich do you put in first??
      Stupid I know but sometimes I just wonder... :S
      Have great day
    2. icelandic girl
      and yeah, u R welcome
    3. c1ask0
      Hi. Thanks for adding me as a friend. :D I really liked your song, Kongulo.
    4. icelandic girl
      http://www.poodwaddle.com/worldclock.swf you just have to look at this.
      btw. it's getting FREEZING here so if I won't be around next couple of weeks, it's because I've turned into a cube of ice ;)
      my bests -J.
    5. icelandic girl
      Why does Stew. always have the toplines?
      I only wonder...
    6. icelandic girl
      And yeah, please don't send any flowers.. ;)
    7. icelandic girl
      Well, feel your pain mate. Was trying to have a homework free weekend, it worked until yesterday. Then I got 2 test on monday, wich mean, appearently, I'll have to study this weekend, urgh.!
      But like everything, after the rain it will be sunshine :D I'm just waiting for it, and waiting...
      Wish you also good luck in the competition, and just yeah, to you all that are reading this. -J.
      p.s how rediculus is this: I have a test in the story of Titanic, and I lost a few classes because of my sickness, so I'll have to read it all, and learn it for monday. You are all invited to my funiral.
    8. Luis DLC
      Icelandic, girl, I've got school problems too. I'm actually copying some homework but there are so many pages of math that I don't even know when I'll finish. Now THAT'S lazy! :p I don't know how I'll survive the university. Well hope to see you in the chat soon. I hate the time difference >.< P.S. Fingers crossed your country will have lots of great songs in its pre-selection :D
    9. icelandic girl
      It's raining more than bit, haleluja!
    10. icelandic girl
      And I thought I would get rid off homework, apperently.. dream on.
      Will hopefully be able to join the chat at evenings some time later, sorry, until then, please watch me here and please leave some comments or something :)
      Have a good time, don't get sick and don't eat fried something :S
      My bests - J.
    11. icelandic girl
      Done voting.
      Please notice that this is not pesonal, just my weird mixed taste of music.
      Hugs and kisses -J.
    12. icelandic girl
      Yeah, my song is in the contest. One of my fav. :D
      Thanks Jw and Stockholm for helping me and oh yeah, thanks Ollie for telling me how to do it.
      Hope you'll vote for ColdIsland, kisses -J.
    13. Stockholm calling
      OK. I'll check with jw. Welcome to the contest!
    14. Stockholm calling
      I haven't got it Johanna. I hope you got the email I sent you last night.
    15. icelandic girl
      Wonder when the blog will be finished. Look forward to it. I mean I'm always writing in here and most of you probably think I'm getting crazy because it seems like I have nothing else to do. Well I do have things to do but, they are boring and I wrether wanna be writing here online or on my twitter.
    16. icelandic girl
      Did you know it's sucks when you are sick. Yesterday I was fine, but now... urgh back to bed *sniff sniff*
    17. icelandic girl
      Hey L. It's ok, I'll just chat with you later. Feeling better thanks for asking.
    18. Luis DLC
      Hey girl :) I hope you're feeling better. I was doing so many things at once and so late at night I didn't check to see who else was online :( Well kisses to Island!
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