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2017 Rehearsals

  1. Julio STRANGLES

  2. Julio STRANGLES


    Sweden: what was expected not much change from the nf.
    Georgia: Sounds horrible live
    Albania: Quite nothingy
    Australia: Sounds bad live and seriously horrid background
    Belgium: Again not very good live and 0 stage presence and a very underwhelming stage
    Montenegro: WHAT THE ACTUAL F. Horrible mess there is not a single good thing about this, voice is bad, staging is horrible the song is awful. Scary thought, this song got the most cheers so far.
    Finland: Vocally on point and pretty much the stage of the nf.
    Azerbaijan: Vocally not bad but not outstanding either, the stage is weird, not sure what a man with a horse head on a ladder has to do with the song itself. The fact she made a stage inside a stage is clever as it doesn't make it look empty or too big. This will divide opinions due to the dark staging, not sure if for good or bad but should qualify easily.
    Portugal: I was afraid they would kill this with the staging but thankfully they didn't. Of course its not the same as its the sister doing it but vocals shouldn't be a problem. I like how they put the stage in the middle of the crowd and made it so it doesn't seem lost in the big stage. The staging reminds me a lot of Anouk on the round platform. (Ps. I love the backdrop)
  3. Julio STRANGLES

    That is all for today.
  4. Julio STRANGLES

    I don't think they are allowed to do this so go there while its on, full rehearsal of azerbaijan here
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  5. James ... and his things xD

    The ladder for AZ might be a special effect maybe?
  6. Nicky991 New Member

    Portugal, love the magical forest
  7. Julio STRANGLES

    and georgia got leaked in full as well in here

    My thoughts, to follow Júlio:

    Sweden: Still a very slick performance. No changes at all, so it might still be a little too slick.
    Georgia: The stage looks really empty. Not really anything surprising here, unless they qualify. That would be a surprise.
    Albania: This really isn't that bad. Lindita can sing, they seem to have staged it well. An outsider for qualification, I'm thinking now.
    Australia: Is that really Isaiah's face in the background? Once again the stage looks really empty and I'm not quite sure Isaiah realises what he's doing. It's not X Factor anymore.
    Belgium: That girl has the charisma of a wet towel. The song is still good, but she doesn't seem to live. The background doesn't do much either, so this could end up being some boring three minutes. I hope not, though.
    Montenegro: I am lost for words.
    Finland: I'm not a massive fan of this song. Vocally it's still shaky.
    Azerbaijan: Those Sia vibes are more alive than ever. She really acts like Sia normally does. The man on a ladder with a horse mask makes... little sense. This should do really well as I expect the camera angles to work good enough.
    Portugal: The simplicity is key for this. Luísa sings this with as much passion as Salvador. If the camera angles work, Portugal have hit the nail on the head.
  9. Julio STRANGLES

  10. Julio STRANGLES


    Greece: She seems lost just standing, or rather going up, on a dance song. I see they took out the Lyrics ''Rain falls from above'' yet kept it literally for the staging. And the ballet dancers are just out of place.
    Poland: I'm starting to think this will get lost. Nothing much going on the stage or the background and her voice isn't the strongest.
    Moldova: This will qualify I think. The background reminds me of Jedward and the beat of the song will stand out in the middle of so many ballads of the semi, the jury will be busy killing Montenegro and this will sneak in with the teenage and kid televote (I still dislike it).
    Iceland: Another one alone in the big stage, vocally fine but I hope she ditches the hair bums for the actual performance, Jamie-Lee was enough.
    Czech Republic: There really isn't anything to say regarding this one. The song itself already was dull the staging now matches the song by being one of the most dull so far including the backdrop.
    Cyprus: A very Sergey Lazarev staging, vocally ok not great though. I could see this becoming a surprise qualifier.
    Armenia: Vocally on point, I was expecting something big for the staging, sadly it didn't come through it's a bit of a disappointment. It still is a contender to the top of the semi and maybe even the final if the juries get behind it. The betting agencies seem to have liked it as they are going up.
    Slovenia: Again nothing much to say about the song. Good vocally the backdrop and staging are very boring and the new version of the song just doesn't match it. (Interesting fact: he is wearing the same clothes he used in 2005).
    Latvia: Vocally poor with a expected weird staging but I however like the backdrop. How this will do I really don't know, it could go both ways.
  11. Julio STRANGLES

    That's it for today and that is it for the first semi final, tomorrow we start with the second semi final rehearsals.
  12. Julio STRANGLES

    and the leaks start coming:

    Full version of Greece here
    Full version of Czech here
    2:00 version of Slovenia here
    2:30 version of Armenia here
  13. Nicky991 New Member

    Greece was really great
  14. Julio STRANGLES

  15. Julio STRANGLES


    Serbia: Bad vocals horrible staging and horrible backing singers. I won't be surprised if this stays in the semi.
    Austria: I never liked the song, that said he was great live and the staging is good, specially the backdrop. I believe this will be a surprise qualifier.
    FYR Macedonia: Well I don't know where to start, she isn't the best singer live but the backing singers seem to help. Putting her alone in the stage dancing without getting out of the same spot is not a good call. And I'm getting fed up now with the amount of singers using their own faces on the backdrop, they could have done something better for it.
    Malta: My god. Besides being dull that backdrop is awful. Again using the singer face but this one takes it to another level, a close up of the face. It looks likes the singer is about to being swollen by her gigantic self.
    Romania: I liked the backdrop until it became weird. I've no idea what are cannons doing in stage and what they have to do with the song. She does not sound as strong vocally as she did in the national final.
    Holland: Vocally on point and nothing big or crazy going on the stage which is perfect for the song. The backdrop suits it as well. This could very well be (and I'm more and more sure about it) a qualifier.
    Hungary: Pretty much what was expected the backdrop is nice but, as Janet would say, the woman shaking her head while playing violin was unnecessary. Still don't like the song or the singer who according to him his song is the only song celebrating diversity, not sure if he heard the other songs such Italy, Belarus, Portugal and several others. Wouldn't do him any bad to get out of his own arse.
    Denmark: Despite the song being forgettable she sells it with her voice. Backdrop isn't anything special but not bad either, I could do without her kneeling down during the performance.
    Ireland: Vocally good but the hot balloon I just don't know. The backdrop is nice but the staging again..
  16. James ... and his things xD

    Waw, Austria Seems to be great! I hope he qualifies, cause I always liked the song.
  17. James ... and his things xD

    Not my opinion, I Still think it's weak
  18. NickEmpel BURGER AND FRIES

    My thoughts for yesterday and today:

    Greece: This in fact looks very static. If you have Kontopoulos behind you, you'd expect staging to work. But here it just feels empty, dated and static. Hiding the three backings.... Meh, not sure. She can work the camera, but vocally she's not that steady. This could literally go anywhere on the scoreboard. From a shock non-qualifier to a top 10.
    Poland: Kasia can do really well vocally, if she doesn't try too hard. In this rehearsal, she definitely tried too hard. The dress is weird and the random violin player on stage doesn't add much. All in all, Poland want to keep it simple, but that might just make it forgettable. If it qualifies. juries and diaspora can shake hands.
    Moldova: The song isn't my thing, but SunStroke Project deserve a compliment. On their first rehearsal, this already looks polished. They know what they're doing, vocals are there. I'm not convinced by the brides in the back, but that's just Moldova's little thing to go over the top. Could very well qualify indeed.
    Iceland: Svala knows what she's doing and she is good. Problem is that she knows how good she can be, so it gets a little pretentious or even arrogant. I still like the song, but being alone up there, with wings... Nah. Iceland need to get back to earth if they fail again - And I wouldn't exclude that possibility.
    Czech Republic: The stage looks empty and I sincerely hope she won't be wearing that on Tuesday. She looks out of place and her English still feels awkward. I quite like the song, but I fear it's totally dead in the water. Where is this going to get any support from?
    Cyprus: Without the camera angles, this looks odd. I hope the proper TV angles make this look better. It seems Gson and his people got some inspiration from Sergey Lazarev and Loïc Nottet. If he can do it vocally and the performance doesn't look ridiculous on TV, it should even have a good chance to make it through.
    Armenia: One more where I expect the camera angles to make it interesting. Artsvik and her team looked comfortable on stage. As Júlio said, I expected more on stage. A little more action, a little more work here and there. But who knows? Still a candidate to win the semi.
    Slovenia: I don't know what to say about Slovenia. The revamp has killed any chances it had originally. Vocally he's on point, but who's going to vote for this, really...?
    Latvia: Everything one could've expected for Latvia. It's neon - and a lot of it. It's flashy, it's colourful. I don't think this will make it through, as it's just a little too off putting in a semi where most other countries got their staging relatively right.

    Semi 2 then...
    Serbia: Vocally way off. Terribly enough, the start of the clip is an off key bit from the backing singer taking over the lead as Tijana tries to murder a big note. I can't understand how an experienced singer like Tijana fails to get anything right. The backdrop is boring, she doesn't interact at all with that ridiculous dancer. This could stay behind. Certainly won't set anything or anyone on fire.
    Austria: Austria want it cute and sweet. Having a silver moon up there, Nathan dressed in white, pink clouds in the background. It's all a bit too sugary, but it's what the song needs. Nathan was good vocally and it's a breath of fresh air. Only question is: Do we need that breath as song #2? I hope it makes it through.
    FYR Macedonia: Oh boy. Vocally a trijnwreck. The solution here is to pull a Samra and turn her mic down even more and let a backing take over. She sluts around that same spot... Not too sure. Macedonia had a great song on their hands to make it work, but it seems they've let it all slip. Might not even make it.
    Malta: They've done what they could for this. Claudia is a decent vocalist, so put the focus on that. No big staging whatsoever. The close up of her face in the background is disturbing. Malta won't make it, I dare to say.
    Romania: What is with Romania and hilarious props? Circular pianos in 2014, silver glittery canons in 2017. In this clip, Alex looks shaky when jumping on it. Logical, as he fell off in the first runthrough. Ilinca is shaky vocally, the backdrop is ok. Should easily qualify, but not with my support.
    Holland: The girls made a smart move (not) by asking the man from Trijnwreck's boob dress to design their outfits. They look a bit... odd. Vocally it's on point and the staging seems to be really simple. That could either help it or make it totally forgettable right after the Romanian circus. For now, it reminds me a little of 3JS and their staging. Too simple. But the camera work might do a trick once more.
    Hungary: Pretty much the expected performance. Vocally on point, the dancer works well too, the violin player... Meh. I'd feel pretty isolated being on a satellite stage not playing a live instrument. Kind of pointless. Should easily qualify though.
    Denmark: Anja apparently said that what she wore might actually be her stage outfit. If so, we have a candidate for the Barbara Dex Award. The song is decent and works quite well in the middle of the road. Vocals are really her main selling point though. That's what brings her to the final. Anna Vissi did the knee drop much better, also.
    Ireland: Usually, Ireland don't make much of an effort of their staging. It usually feels unfinished. For once they've thought about it. And they came up with a gigantic hot air balloon in which poor Brendan needs to stand. It makes this entire thing very JESC. If this looks as ridiculous on TV as it does now, I fear for Ireland. He does however sell the song well. His voice is decent enough and the background is nice. Could make it. I hope.
  19. Julio STRANGLES

  20. Julio STRANGLES


    San Marino: Bring back Serhat, that is all. Messy vocals horrible performance in stage by both and nothing really is done well.
    Norway: Pretty much the same staging as the national final. After San Marino this sounds better than what it actually is. Many think this will fail I think it will just borderline qualify.
    Switzerland: Her vocals on the high note are way off. They tried to go to the sweet stage like Austria but failed. I also have no idea why there is a random staircase in the stage. I hope she doesn't wear the ESDM dress either. Between this and Austria I think Austria will go to the final and this will stay out.
    Belarus: They managed to do an Ireland on the staging but I think they actually made it work, the movement of the backdrop with the wind machines thing that are supposed a flying thing should make a good impact on the actual tv. Could qualify but still not sure.
    Croatia: Vocally what you would expect, the backdrop again going for the sweet good call on the use of backing singers. The violin players are not really necessary, and the staging itself isn't great. That said I've been saying this will qualify and I still think it will given how different the song is (still crap) and given that he managed to sing it in tune.
    Bulgaria: He is wearing his Eurovision suit which is simple (bit too much simple perhaps). There isn't much going on, the staging is nice and perhaps also too simple he is good vocally but i hope they lower the volume of the backing singer cause every time he sings his voice goes above Kristian.
    Lithuania: The song is still crap the staging is still weird she will be still wearing the same red dress the vocals are still a mess. Nothing else to add.
    Estonia: Vocally expected and staging a bit disappointing many claim this as a certain qualifier I don't really know if it will make it.
    Israel: Many fans favourite mostly because it isn't a ballad, here is some shocking news: just because it isn't a ballad it doesn't mean it's necessarily good. And this isn't good. The live vocals are horrible specially on the chorus. Once again we are forced with the singer huge face on the backdrop and that is annoying. The dance moves are weird and the fact the backing singers come out of the nowhere into the stage only to do them really don't do it any good. I seriously hope this stays in the semi.

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