•   days until the Eurovision Song Contest Final in Turin!

And here is my final ranking :)

  1. Mina Member with a "past"

    I finally listened to all the songs in full (yes, even It's my life^_^) and this is my final ranking (without Greece..I love our song this year but I can't rank it)

    1. Denmark (The music, the staging and Emmelie herself make this a strong contender for victory :heart: )
    2. Holland (Anouk for ever and a magical song:heart:)
    3. Israel (Best non-English ballad this year:heart:)
    4. Norway (Took me a while to appreciate this but now I'm hooked:heart:)
    5. Uk (Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie :heart:)
    6. San Marino (The better Italian ballad of 2013 and I love her voice:heart:)
    7. Switzerland (I can't listen to this and not smile:heart:)
    8. Iceland (Lovely melody..ok, he may be a cow but I still love it:heart:)
    9. Cyprus (What I wish Greece would send some year:heart:)
    10. Lithuania (Very different and I like his style:heart:)
    11. Russia (Yes, typical but still a very good ballad:up:)
    12. Estonia (Lovely girl, lovely voice, love the melody:up:)
    13. Bulgaria (I hated this at 1st, then I liked it, now I find it refreshing among the rest of the songs:up:)
    14 .Belarus (Summer hit potential and what can I say, I love Latin:up:)
    15. Montenegro (Not my style at all but useful to wake you up among all the ballads:up:)
    16. Azerbaijan (A good, solid ballad; with some work on his singing, it would be higher on my list:up:)
    17. Hungary (One more song I hated at 1st but eventually it grew on me:up:)
    18. Ireland (Good song, bad singing...still I like the tune:up:)
    19. Belgium (Love kills over and over..it's stuck in my mind, period:up:)
    20. Austria (Interesting song that grows on me with every listening:up:)
    21. Malta (Happy, sing-along song..go Malta:up:)
    22. Spain (With a stronger chorus, this would be higher..not bad, but not catcy enough:))
    23. Italy (It starts off nicely and then..it just loses me :notsure:)
    24. Latvia (I like the beat and the singer but it all looks amateurish:notsure:)
    25. Serbia (It's not as horrible as I thought at 1st, I think it will grow on me:roll:)
    26. Germany (I don't like her & the beat is very typical for my taste...only good thing is she can sing:mal:)
    27. Armenia (This could be so much better as I like rock ballads but..it just isn't :notsure:)
    28. France (Some parts of this I like, some parts bore me..it could end up much higher..I can't decide:S)
    29. Moldova (A solid melody but I prefer more emotional ballads, this is too efficient for me:geek:)
    30. Sweden (When I hear him go 'youuuuuuuu', I want to jump off my balcony:rolleyes:)
    31. Croatia (It's very good for its genre but so many ballads this year and this doesn't stand out:notsure:)
    32. Ukraine (I can't 'get' this song, no matter how hard I try, it just passes me by:notsure:)
    33. Albania (It's different and better than I thought at 1st but still low on my list:geek:)
    34. Finland (Exactly the kind of song I hate..sorry, Finland:down:)
    35. FYR Macedonia (It tries to do something but ends up very messy for my taste:down:)
    36. Georgia (My worst ballad this year..it leaves me totally cold:down:)
    37. Slovenia (I've heard it 10 times, I don't remember how it goes...that says it all:down:)
    38. Romania (God...that must be the worst thing I've heard in the last 10 yrs in eurovision:down:)
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  2. Marc Member

    i also think denmark will win, though i can't hear this song anymore. It was my #1 first, now it has changed. but still a very very good song and a clever choice. :) they deserve to win, some other entries too.
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