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  1. Patte Member

    Andropia´s position as one of the world's most highly developed post-industrial societies looks fundamentally secure.

    capital : Andromilmetropol
    Location : Between Narnia and Svalboard
    Popuration : 3,567,999
    GDP : 650 7986 687 billion$
    Gdp per capitia : 345.000 $
    Motto : magic for the power
    Language: Swedronius celosus and svensklinius
    Climate: Hot summer and very cold winters
    currency: Alrier
    Inhabitants: Elfs and dwarfs
    Enemies: Dimaland
    National anthem: Lavinasius lavanius corrliti ( Our, land the land of beauty )
    Sister country: La voixlinus
    Internet domain: .an
    National Day: 6 june

    Cost of living
    Andropia cost of living is one of the best in the world, The Unemployment is almost 0 and the rich life makes the Andropias people the oldest in the world...

    Andropia´s date of birth is not fundamentally secure, but its build on magic from powerful leaders... and some says it is the oldest state in the world, created by Adam and eva them selfs.

    The king is the most respect person in the country and the jail is a fact if you ever say something mean too him, his name is fredilinuuus Patteliulius.

    Flagg will be able too see in the future....
  2. calrisle Scrutineer

    OMG! Andropia is some kind of crazy paradise! Low cost of living, amazing lifestyle? Sounds like a pretty sweet kinda place :D

    Andropia and Davis island are probably going to do an excellent trade in the exchange of high-class narcotics for bundles of cash :D

    Cool job dude :)


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